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High Country Fly Fishing Gear

If you're hiking deep into the mountains where lakes abound, you're missing the boat if you don't catch your supper. Here are seven items that perform and pack well for excellent backcountry fly fishing..


  1. klags

    Hey guys, thanks for including fly fishing here. To the author – I highly recommend leaving all that heavy gear at home. Try a Tenkara rod. And please include some reviews of them here. The rest of us backpackers are way ahead of you guys here… Tenkara is out and happening in the mtns right now. These heavy reels and Rods are better off left in the car for other trips when you’re not back spacing and for when weight does not matter. When weight does matter, your entire backcountry Tenkara fishing kit can weigh in at less than 5 ounces ALL IN. Check out, they guy who runs that site is ultra knowledgeable and can help you figure it all out. In fact you’d be smart to hire him to write you up an article on this… And speak to Ryan Jordan while you’re at it, please!

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    • e-r-stephensonme-com

      Good article! Even if it is a couple years old now. Thanks.

      To klags – You Tenkara lovers over at BPL are like religious zealots, telling other people what to do and how to fish. I have two Tenkara rods, sold by the good people at Tenkara USA, and they are fun. My kids like them. They are very useful for small stream fishing under relatively tame conditions.

      But . . . when I’m at 12,000 ft in Colorado, facing a headwind, looking at tens of 16-inch cutthroat cruising the shallows, what I really enjoy is my 4-weight Orvis.

      Right tool for the right job.

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