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The 10 Best Outdoor Dog Breeds

These dogs love the outdoors just as much as you do.

With the right training, these breeds make for some of the best adventure dogs out there.  But just remember—every dog is only as good as its master.


  1. k9fancier

    Interesting but probably does not consider key characteristics of a backpacking (as opposed to a hiking) dog. Trainability, weather resistance or at least compatibility, and size. Huskies, among others listed, are not the easiest breed to train for back country reliability. Border Collies are incredibly smart, but again have a herding drive that can crowd out reliability in the field. If one is considering a dog for backpacking, train it for reliability; having the dog bound off without a positive and reliable recall can be fatal to everyone involved (do you really want that dog to come back with its new best friend?). For cold or even cool weather work, several of the hounds may not be the best choice — and, of course, for warm or hot weather or country, the heavy coated dogs will suffer. All of these dogs seem to have the size and stamina for back country endeavors so the question is proper temperament for back country training and then environmental compatibility. My best back packing dogs were Airedale Terriers: brains, drive, double coating for all-weather use, and adequate size. Of course, I did train them prior to long backpacks — best test: drop on recall. If you can stay your dog, walk away 50-100 feet, call your dog, drop (down) your dog half way through the recall, and then complete the recall, you have at least the foundation for a reliable back country dog. Otherwise, stay on lead or better yet leave the dog for hikes in the park.

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