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National Parks: Yellowstone

A forgotten explorer's route leads to off-trail, high-peak adventure and bona fide solitude.

Easy access makes Yellowstone perfect for day and weekend trips. Here, our map scout’s top five. Get 37 more at

Garnet Hill Loop Megafauna alert! This sagebrushed 8.2-miler tours bison and elk area. Snow-free by May. Trip ID 265748

Electric Peak Big miles, big rewards. Hike 20.6 miles (round-trip) to this 10,969-foot summit with a park-wide view. Trip ID 300059

Old Faithful Share the geyser but not the hike to it on the 5.8-mile Biscuit Basin Trail through Upper Geyser Basin. Trip ID 300088

Osprey Falls Hike four miles into the mist of a 150-foot-tall cascade in 800-foot-deep Sheepeater Canyon. Trip ID 300082

Lone Star Geyser Stroll an easy 2.4 miles from Kepler Cascades to this backcountry gusher. It shoots 45 feet high every three hours. Trip ID 300071

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