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Go ahead, look again. And again. These images are worth a third, fourth, and then a tenth gaze.
We pored over submissions from the best photographers on the trail—shooters who hike for miles with heavy gear to nab unexpected shots—to choose these grab-your-pack-now national park pictures. Here’s how to learn from their techniques, trek to their favorite spots, and bring home your own wall-worthy memories.

Glacier Bay
The Lamplugh Glacier meets the sea at Johns Hopkins Inlet, where it calves ice chunks into the tidewater. Jon Cornforth says, “My favorite focal length is in the 28mm to 35mm range. Get in as close to your foreground subject as you can while still maintaining focus in the background. This is usually about three feet.”

Paddle it:
>> Pentax 67II; f/22, 10 seconds; ISO 50

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