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America’s Best Campsites

Park your tent in one of these 10 spots, and you'll be happy in the morning. Guaranteed.

Powell Plateau
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Rapids on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon are so big and wild compared to whitewater elsewhere, they’re measured on a scale of their own—the Grand Canyon scale. Campsites here should get similar treatment: a grander scale. And this one would set the bar. The rim-side perch lies on a Powell Plateau ledge, where the tent-door view looks west across gaping Bedrock and Galloway Canyons. The ends-of-the-earth site on the park’s remote North Rim lies roughly three miles from the Swamp Point trailhead. Hike a mile to Muav Saddle, climb 889 feet west to the plateau, then head southwest cross-country for nearly two miles; at the plateau’s western edge, you’ll find numerous ledges like this.

Permit Required ($10 plus $5 per person per night)
Contact (928) 638-7888,

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