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Top 3 Ice Hikes

Witness glittering underground gems, skate across frozen ponds, and wander amid towering walls of ice. Just don't try to lick anything.
0109_icehike_chippweamorrainewi_445x260Chippewa Moraine, WI (Wynn Davis)

Chimney Pond, ME | Chippewa Moraine, WI | Lava Beds, CA

Snowshoe to a glacial retreat

Head to the rolling hills of the Chippewa Moraine, a pond-studded slice of Wisconsin’s glacially carved northwest corner. From the Chippewa Moraine Interpretive Center, take the Ice Age Trail one mile to a debris field left behind by a mile-thick sheet of ice. In the next five miles, you’ll skirt 20 frozen kettle lakes and glacial erratics–five- to six-foot tall boulders left behind by a retreating glacier. The path heads east and hugs the wild shorelines of Knickerbocker and Horseshoe Lakes, tracking small ridgelines. Find open camping along the trail west of Dumke Lake; look for ridge-shielded sites on the south side of the path. (800) 227-0046;

The Warmup
Winter camping too chilly? Arrange a pick-up with Jacks Lake B&B. After a warm snooze and hot breakfast, get a lift back to the trail. (715) 967-2593;

The Way
From New Auburn (125 miles northwest of Minneapolis), head .7 mile east on Main St. to a left on N East St. In 0.5 mile, go left on CH M, which leads to the trail.

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