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Top 3 Ice Hikes

Witness glittering underground gems, skate across frozen ponds, and wander amid towering walls of ice. Just don't try to lick anything.
0109_icehike_chippweamorrainewi_445x260Chippewa Moraine, WI (Wynn Davis)

Chimney Pond, ME | Chippewa Moraine, WI | Lava Beds, CA

Climb to a frozen cirque

This trek’s payoff is huge, literally: Katahdin’s couloirs and 300 feet of draping ice known as the Pamola Cliffs. This 30-mile round-trip to Chimney Pond is an epic weekend for winter-ready hikers. Start at Abol Bridge in Baxter State Park and head east on an unplowed park road past Abol Pond’s frozen, moose-tracked wetlands. Turn north at Togue Pond gate for an eight-mile uphill to Roaring Brook Campground’s wood-heated bunkhouse. Day two: Climb 3.3 miles and 1,500 feet past gumdrop-shaped boulders in Roaring Brook. The trail tops two moraine hills before treeline, then reaches the entrance to the South Basin’s glacial cirque and the sensational Pamola Cliffs. (207) 723-5140;

The Warmup
Thaw out with the Appalachian Trail Café’s legendary Millinocket Special, a $5 pile of home fries, eggs, and cheddar cheese. (207) 723-6720;

The Way
From Bangor, head 59 miles north on I-95 to Millinocket. Follow ME 157 11.5 miles to Katahdin Ave. and turn right. Continue 18.2 miles toward Abol Bridge.

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