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Tiffany Wildlife Area, Wisconsin

A water-lover's Wisconsin wonderland with forests, prairies, and the occasional eagle.

Contact Information:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Buffalo County Courthouse

Second Street

Alma, WI 54610



Contact park office for information.

Getting There:

From La Crosse, Wisconsin, head north on WI 35. To get to the eastern section of Tiffany, drive north on WI 25. The western region can be reached by continuing on WI 35 to the town of Pepin, then driving north on Pepin County Trunk N to 16th Creek Road.

From St. Paul, Minnesota, take U.S. 10 east to either Pepin County Trunk N access or WI 25 south access at Durand.

Seasonal Information:

In winter, temperatures can range from -30 to 50 degrees F. Snow is usually around from Late November until mid-March.

In summer, temperatures range from the 50s at night to as high as the 100s in the day.


A number of endangered and threatened species also make their home here, including massasauga rattlesnake, blandings turtle, red-shouldered hawk, bald eagle, great egret, and three fish: the crystal darter, river redhorse, and the blue sucker.

More common are deer, songbirds, great blue herons, beavers, otter, raccoons, minks, muskrats, and otters.

Popular game fish include panfish, walleye, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, and northern pike.


Summer brings many mosquitoes and deerflies.

Plant Life:

You’ll find mostly maple, oak, and fern. Spring wildflowers, including marsh marigold and spring beauty, draw visitors every year.


Camping is primitive backcountry; no developed sites are available. Most people camp along the river.


Contact park office for information.


Free permits are required for primitive camping, which is allowed throughout Tiffany.


Contact park office for information.


  • There are no marked trails.

  • The river may flood, especially in spring.

Leave No Trace:

No campfires, motor vehicles, or horses allowed.

All LNT guidelines apply.


Get a map of the Tiffany Wildlife Area brochure from the Wisconsin DNR. Two USGS 7.5 series maps include the entire Tiffany Wildlife Area: Wabasha North and MN-WI/Ella, WI. Both can be ordered from:

Hudson Map Company

2510 Nicollet Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Other Trip Options:

Tiffany’s southern border adjoins the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

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