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Trail Mix: Great November Hikes in the East

Your region's go-now guide: Explore New York City, hike four states in 24 hours, and perfect days in NC, GA, and NH.

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Pennsylvania Trails Fracked?
Anyone who’s been paying attention to the clamor over natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania knows that hikers in the state are facing a crisis, as gas well construction in state forestland threatens to overtake mountaintops, reroute trails, and disturb the natural quiet. Whichever side of the debate you’re on, you at least have one easy course of action: Hike all you can before the scenery changes. Devote one weekend to the Old Logger’s Path, a 27.1-mile loop in isolated north-central PA with a trailhead in the ghost town of Masten. It’s rarely hiked, but offers views of broad, wooded valleys and gurgling waterfalls. Plus, the trail is wide and smoothly graded, perfect for cross-country skiing if it’s snow-covered.
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