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America’s Newest Wilderness

A quick guide to the best acres, trails, and views.


Virginia Ridge and Valley
Land protected 39,105 acres in Jefferson
National Forest
Natural wonder 300-year- old hemlocks
Champion Virginia Wilderness Coalition (
See it now Take the steep and seldom-used Stone Mountain Trail from the Cave Spring Campground 5.7 miles through huge boulders and tulip trees.

West Virginia

Wild Monongahela
Land protected 37,771 acres in six areas within Monongahela National Forest
Natural wonder Snowshoe hare
Champion WV Wilderness Coalition (
See it now Take the Blackbird Knob Trail two miles to link with unnamed trails in the Dolly Sods expansion. Turn right at every junction for a 12-mile loop.


Owyhee Public Lands Management
Land protected 517,025 acres in six new wilderness areas
Natural wonder An intersection where five canyons meet
Champion Owyhee Initiative (
See it now This long-lost cousin of the Grand Canyon is best seen from a raft ($825, Late spring brings ideal flows in the 1,000-foot-deep canyon.

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