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Where Solitude Rules – More Tips and Tricks

Alternative routes, where to find solitude in the Lower 48, and avoiding the crowds in America's most crowded park
august 09 solitude teton 445x260Grand Teton, WY (Shannon Davis)

Find solitude in the least visited national parks in the Lower 48.

Park Visitors* Best Route
1. Isle Royale, MI 14,038 Greenstone Ridge Trail (4-5 days)
2. North Cascades, WA 18,725 Easy Pass to Thunder Creek (3-4 days)
3. Great Basin, NV 69,235 Baker Lake-Johnson Lake Loop (2 days)
4. Congaree, SC 104,913 Cedar Creek Paddle (1 day)
5. Black Canyon of the Gunnison, CO 160,185 North Vista Trail (1 day)
*2008 recreation visitors
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