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August 2009

Top Cities to Raise A…

Does your kid want to be an ice climber? How about a thru-hiker, or paddler? These cities have just what you need.

Ithaca, NY
Sapsucker Woods is home to dozens of avian species and Cornell’s world-famous Lab of Ornithology.

Ice Climber
Conway, NH
Two climbing schools, four-season cliffs at Cathedral Ledge, and a loooong ice season

Sylva, NC
A virtual nest of rivers with every class of rapids a kid (or parent) could want, Sylva is home to American Whitewater association.

Missoula, MT
Local outreach by the University of Montana’s College of Forestry and Conservation gets kids into the woods.

Pittsburgh, PA
City summer camps teach skills required to canoe, kayak, and raft PA’s river network.

Park Ranger
Flagstaff, AZ
Start with the Grand Canyon’s Junior Ranger program; graduate to N. Arizona University’s 13-week ranger training program.

Rock Climber
New Paltz, NY
Gateway to the ‘Gunks and the famous crag’s thousand-plus climbing routes

Salt Lake City, UT
Forty feet of annual powder covers backcountry slopes and bowls–plus a half-dozen resorts–just minutes from downtown.

Rutland, VT
In the heart of New England’s mountain kingdom and at the nexus of the Appalachian and Long Trails

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