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Seattle, WA: Lake Edna via Chatter Creek

Hammer up a steep ravine in Wenatchee National Forest to the stunning, upper reaches of Icicle Ridge where grand views, rocky mountains, and a sparkling lake await.

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From the trailhead, head north for an easy-going walk through grassland, wildflowers, and a mix of pine and fir. Use this mellow stretch of trail to warm up for the long climb ahead. A mile into the hike, the trail crosses Chatter Creek on a sturdy bridge (a small set of falls can be seen near the bridge) and starts to climb steeply along the creek. After 2.5 miles, the trail begins to open as you cross meadows of bluebells, paintbrush, lupines, and elephant head. From this spot, you can see your upcoming route, which crests a pass on Icicle Ridge after a very steep stretch of trail through brush and rough boulders. From the pass, the trail drops down the north side of the ridge to a basin. (If snow covers this area, you’ll have difficulty following the actual trail.) One mile later, turn left onto Icicle Ridge Trail for the last steep stretch to Lake Edna, a pristine blue lake rimmed by larch trees and heather (blooms in July). Enjoy the scenery, but don’t dally too long at the lake—it’s a long trip back to the trailhead.
-Mapped by Alan Bauer, Alan Bauer Photography

To Trailhead

From Leavenworth, drive west to the end of town and turn left onto Icicle Creek Rd. Follow Icicle Creek Rd./FR 76 for 14.8 miles to the trailhead just east of the Chatter Creek Guard Station (pavement ends after 12.3 miles).

Lake Edna

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