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Seattle, WA: Change Creek to Hall Point

Follow the fledgling Change Creek Trail from Deception Crags to Hall Point on this 2.3-miler serving up huge Snoqualmie Valley panoramas.

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Short on distance and big on scenery, this out-and-back just outside North Bend culminates with prime vistas of Snoqualmie Valley and a newly-hacked route to Mt. Washington. From the parking lot on the north side of Homestead Valley Road, get started by crossing the street and heading uphill on the trail paralleling Change Creek. Reach Deception Crags – ever-popular with climbers from across the state – and hang a left onto the Iron Horse/John Wayne Pioneer Trail, which follows an abandoned railroad bed over a high, iron-trussed bridge. Between Change Creek and Hall Creek, turn right to pick up the roughly-hewn Change Creek Trail.
The newly-blazed trail, composed of loose rock and soil, begins with a series of switchbacks through dense forest toward the ridge flanked by Hall Creek and Change Creek. As the trees and underbrush thin, you’ll catch glimpses of Hall Creek Falls and I-90 snaking through the valley below. Upon gaining the ridgeline, snag a quick peek at Change Creek before continuing up to Hall Point for a grand finale of spectacular valley panoramas: Mt. Teneriffe and Green Mountain to the west, Mailbox Peak and Dirty Harry’s Peak to the north, and a tease of Snoqualmie Pass to the east. Scramble around the ridge’s exposed rock ledges or tackle the remaining five-mile push toward Mt. Washington (which eventually connects to existing logging roads) before returning home via the route you hiked in on.
-Mapped by Jeremy and Nathan Barnes, Hiking With My Brother

To Trailhead

From I-90 E, take exit 38 and turn right on Homestead Valley Road. Follow for 0.7 mile. Parking is in dirt pullout on the left.

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