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Seattle, WA: Barclay Lake

Stroll through root-wrapped rocks, venerable hemlocks, and moss carpeted undergrowth on this 4.4-mile hike to Barclay Lake in the Washington Cascades’ new Wild Sky Wilderness.

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The Barclay Creek Trail #1055 wanders past root-wrapped rocks, hemlocks, and moss carpeted undergrowth en route to Barclay Lake. The trail sits at the end of Forest Road 6024, and is a wide, largely flat, simple trail that follows Barclay Creek for a little over 2 miles to its source, Barclay Lake. Though the route traces the water, river crossings are avoided by a sturdy log bridge that spans Barclay Creek as it approaches the lake. Gunn Peak flanks the trail to the north, eventually giving rise to Merchant Peak as Barclay Lake grows near. On a clear day, Baring Mountain can be seen through the trees, revealing its craggy features once you reach the lakeside.

Barclay Lake lies in a quiet bowl, separating Merchant Peak and Baring Mountain. Between the well-maintained trail and abundance of campsites – not to mention two pit toilets – it’s no surprise that the lake gets a lot of visitors in the warmer months. But despite easy access and popularity, the Barclay Lake somehow exudes deep wilderness vibes. The shore is peaceful, and the dramatic, immaculate spire of Baring towers over the scene.

PERMIT: Northwest Forest Pass required.

-Mapped by Nathan and Jeremy Barnes

To Trailhead

From Seattle, WA, drive northeast on US 2 E. After 26.7 miles, turn left near milepost 41 onto 635th, up and over the railroad tracks. Asphalt will quickly turn to gravel before shortly coming to a junction. Turn left up FS 6024 and proceed for 4.2 miles to the trailhead at road's end.

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