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Rip & Go: Hoh River to Third Beach Olympic National Park, WA

Cross a rugged coastline on the edge of Washington's Hoh Rainforest.

At Toleak and Strawberry Points, receding tides leave islands of sea water, rich with life-sustaining nutrients from Pacific up-welling, a process that carries deep-sea particulates to the surface. Tide pools support an amazing diversity of sea creatures—including the sunflower starfish (right) the world’s largest sea star, anemones, mollusks, multicolored sea slugs (nudibrachs), and plantlife—that you’d normally need scuba gear to view. Tip: The lower the tide, the more sea life exposed in tide pools. Consult a tide chart to find the lowest tides, and prepare to spend hours inspecting these natural aquariums. Don’t forget to look up: Rogue waves can strike at any tide and drag unsuspecting hikers out to sea.

Three Rivers Resort Restaurant is known for its “World Famous River Burgers.” Lick your chops for the “Werewolf Burger,” made with a half-pound patty and double ham, bacon, and cheese. 7765 La Push Rd., Forks, WA; (360) 374-5300

Local Quileute Native Americans describe a mysterious figure known as “Q’waeti,” or the transformer, who wandered the Olympic Peninsula instructing tribes how to live—and morphing animals into humans. According to legend, the Quileute were transformed from wolves to people by the powerful medicine man, giving rise to the werewolf myth and legion creature flicks— most recently the Twilight series, which is set in coastal Washington.

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