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Free Maps! Our Contributors Favorite Local Hikes

Online or via your cellphone these trips are ready to be downloaded and explored.

Our coast-to-coast network of field contributors mapped their favorite local hikes so you could send the trips to your mobile phone or access them on*

Sandia Crest Trail
From city center 23 miles
End this challenging, 13.5-mile dayhike up the southern spine of the Sandia Mountains with a civilized finish–microbrews at the High Finance Restaurant. Trip ID: 51493

Kennesaw Mountain
From city center 23 miles
Discover meadows rich in Civil War history and climb two peaks with views of the Atlanta skyline on this 10.4-mile loop. ID: 31716

Blue Hills-Skyline Trail
From city center 14.8 miles
This loop in Blue Hills Reservation packs a lot of scenery into six miles: quiet hardwood forests, rocky hills carved by glaciers, and sweeping views of Boston. ID: 431589

Mt. Philo
From city center 15 miles
Hike 2.1 miles to the 968-foot summit of Mt. Philo and score big views of Lake Champlain and peaks in the Adirondacks and Green Mountains. ID: 60199

Swallow Cliffs Woods
From city center 24 miles
You’ll twist-and-turn for 5.6 trail miles through the wind- and water-scoured ravines of this 800-acre park. ID: 23837

Cincinnati, OH
Mt. Airy Forest
From city center 7.7 miles
This 8.4-mile out-and-back–just 10 minutes from downtown–connects quiet wooded hills and stream-carved valleys. ID: 8210

Garden of the Gods
From city center 4.8 miles
Tour a rock garden of giant proportions on this 4.8-mile loop. You’ll pass towering redrock monoliths, golden hillsides, and views of Pikes Peak. ID: 47104

Pinnacle Mountain
From city center 19 miles
Reenergize yourself on this short but steep 2.5-mile hike (or trail run) to the top of the city’s landmark peak. ID: 43670

Temescal Canyon
From city center 19.6 miles
This 4.8-mile hike takes in a leafy canyon, a small waterfall, and ends with a sweet view of the Pacific Ocean. ID: 6943

Willow Falls
From city center 33.8 miles
This three-mile loop (located just across the Wisconsin line) delivers plenty of cool sights and sounds: rolling bluffs, crashing waterfalls, and beautiful lakeshore views. ID: 22903

*Text imap and the Trip ID to 32075. To view them online, type the URL ID. Example: For L.A.’s Temescal Canyon hike, text "imap 6943" to 32075. Or go to You’ll get directions, trail beta, a map, and more–at no charge from us!

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