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May 1999

A New Utah Adventure

Never heard of Utah's George Washington Hayduke Route, have you? That's because it's brand new.

Day 82, June 9

Upper Kanab Creek: We walked from a cold, rainy meadow at 8,200 feet with deer, elk, and coyotes, to a sunny, sage-covered hill with the sound of (can you believe it?) traffic. We got hammered by hail, sleet, rain, wind, thunder, and lightning, but now it’s sunny and even warm.

Day 86, June 13

Uinta Flat: The DEET I’ve been carrying (and haven’t used) leaked. My knife handle, toothbrush, and clear ditty bag melted.

Day 91, June 18

Zion National Park: Detour! No one’s been allowed in the Virgin Narrow yet because of the snow in the mountains (flash flood danger), so we changed our route and entered the east side of the park. The bugs were bad. Where’s the bug spray when I need it?

Day 94, June 21

Zion National Park: We made it! Open the cabernet. But I’m not ready to leave this all behind. I feel like I should keep going, walk to California. This is the good life and I want to keep living it.

Day 95, June 22

On the road:I haven’t been in a car for over three months, and driving 75 miles per hour on I-15 is freaking me out!

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