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February 2000

Texas’ Guadalupe Range

If you think west Texas is nothing but tumbleweeds and cattle, you haven't walked 62 miles across one of the world's most famous geological formations.

Over the stoney, foot-pounding miles, I’ve also been deeply struck by the lonely immensity and deep blue skies of Guadalupe Ridge. For the most part, it’s a hard-bitten land, with a beauty more subtle than the monumental Sierras or Canyonlands. Here, there are a thousand hidden wonders for those who look closely and a feeling of great antiquity, dry bones, and the crumbling dust of ages. Like the Valley of the Kings in Pharonic Egypt, the Reef is alive with ghosts and long-gone inhabitants, all those countless lives swept away on the currents of time. Ancient lives, new friends, and fresh challenges-reasons enough for celebrating life with a journey through the geologic wonder of Capitan Reef.

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