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Dallas, TX: Cleburne State Park Loop

Surprise sights–such as a masonry spillway and an elusive armadillo–await on this 5.5-mile loop that encircles Cleburne State Park’s Cedar Lake.

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Winding between the shores of Cedar Lake and the edge of Cleburne State Park, this trail starts at the Coyote Run Nature Trailhead and heads northeast through small fir trees and scrub brush toward the highest corner of the park.

One mile from the trailhead, the route turns south and begins a series of climbs along hills and ravines between the park boundary and the lake. Moving into a forest of oak and mesquite, there are several sharp descents that make the dirt trail past the southern lakeshore more challenging.

In its southern reaches, there are many spurs off the main trail that lead to the park road and signage can be confusing as the trail turns north to join the Spillway Hiking Trail. Along the Spillway Trail the terrain turns to typical Texas Hill Country—hard rock creek beds and shadeless ridges—and offers the first views of Cedar Lake and its beautiful, 30’s-era masonry spillway. The trail joins the Coyote Run Nature Trail east of the lake and just one mile south of the trailhead.

-Mapped by John Hancock

To Trailhead

From Dallas, take I-35 S to US 67 S toward Cleburne. After passing Cleburne, take a left on Park Road 21. After 6.2 miles, turn right to stay on PR 21. Follow PR 21 through the park to Poplar Point Camping Area.

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