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Chattanooga, TN: Walls of Jericho

Straddling the Tennessee-Alabama state line, this strenuous 7-mile shuttle explores the headwaters of the Paint Rock River, delving deep into a natural ravine amphitheater.

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Exploring the headwaters of the Paint Rock River, this 7-mile shuttle hike straddles the Tennessee-Alabama state line as it delves deep into a ravine. After dropping a car at the Alabama trailhead, drive 2.25 miles north to start the trek in Tennessee. Descending steeply, the white-blazed trail (red on the Alabama side) crosses several creeks, streams, and horse paths on its way down to a skinny log bridge over Mill Creek.
After passing a field clearing (a popular campsite area for overnighters) the trail continues on the south side of Turkey Creek on an often muddy and slippery path. At mile 3.7, you’ll reach the Walls of Jericho natural amphitheater. Wander around the amphitheater and neighboring falls, using caution as you rock hop across shallow creek crossings. In wet months, the amphitheater is filled with water from its two main falls and it’s a bit harder to meander around. After enjoying the sights and sounds, return to the Mill Creek log bridge and begin a 1,000-foot ascent through rock outcroppings up to the Alabama trailhead.
-Mapped by Kelly Stewart, Nashville Hiking Meetup

To Trailhead

From I-24 take exit 127 on TN 64 and turn south toward Winchester. Stay on TN 64 for about 16 miles and turn south on TN 16. Go 16 miles to the trailhead on the Tennessee side. The Alabama trailhead is approximately 2.25 south (a mile south of the state line).

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