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Badlands National Park: Pinnacles Overlook

Although short, this popular 0.2-mile trail to Pinnacles Overlook offers big views of Badlands National Park’s iconic rock formations.

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It’s easy to squeeze this short, 0.2-mile hike to Pinnacles Overlook into your Badlands National Park trip. From the large parking area just 8 miles south of Wall, take in dramatic views of rocky pinnacles that extend to the southwest. Next, descend a set of wooden steps that lead to a broad ledge overlooking the Badlands formations. At the bottom of the stairs, bear left at a Y-junction marked by a “Beware of Rattlesnakes” sign. Follow the path around the ledge to a fenced overlook. From this prime vantage point, you’ll find more spectacular views of rock formations and distant grasslands. When you’re ready, climb the stairs to return to the parking area.

MORE PARK INFO: Badlands National Park, (605) 433-5361;
-Mapped by Kim Phillips

To Trailhead

From Wall, SD, head south on SD 240. In 8.2 miles, bear right into the Pinnacles Overlook parking area.

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