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May 2000

When Pennsylvania Elks Bugle, Love Is In The Air

The ungodly wailing that sometimes drifts through the dark woods is only an animal.

Getting There:

From I-80 in DuBois, take PA 255 north for 25 miles. Turn onto PA 555 east and continue for 5 miles to Medix Run Road. Turn right and drive several miles to the Quehanna trailhead.

Prime Time:

Mid-September to mid-October.


The Elk of Pennsylvania, by Ralph Harrison (Pennsylvania Forestry

Association, 814-766-5371; $8). Pennsylvania Hiking Trails, edited by Barbara Wiemann, (Keystone Trails Association, P.O. Box 251,

Cogan Station, PA 17728;; $17.50).


Elk State Forest District, (814) 486-3353; Free maps of Quehanna Trail are available upon request.

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