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Appalacian Trail: Pine Grove Furnace State Park to PA 94

Quickly climb to the mostly wooded spine of Piney Mountain, go 5 miles, then descend the gap into Toland and climb again on this 10.4-mile section. Tip: Don’t miss the Half-Gallon Challenge at Pine Grove Furnace General Store.

Trip Tools

Shelters: James Fry (Tagg Run) Shelter; sleeps 9.

To Trailhead

Start: From Cooke, PA, take Pine Grove Rd. to Bendersville Ln., in the state park. Turn left on Quarry Rd.; go 200 feet to trailhead. End: From Upper Mill, PA, take PA 34 north .3 mile to PA 94. Turn right and go 1.1 miles south to trail crossing.


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