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Portland, OR: Devils Peak Lookout via Hunchback Mountain Trail

This 16.5-miler follows the Hunchback Mountain ridgeline past numerous viewpoints to a lookout tower in Mount Hood National Forest.

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From Zigzag Ranger Station’s main parking lot, walk to the dirt parking area to access Hunchback Mountain Trail. Almost immediately, the trail passes a pond with a cascading waterfall and starts a steep, switchback climb up Hunchback Mountain. The trail crests Hunchback’s ridgetop after 1.6 miles and winds to the southeast, passing numerous scramble trails. If you have the time, follow these side trails to viewpoints (nicknamed The Rockpile, The Helispot, and The Great Pyramid) overlooking the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness valley and Zigzag Mountain.
After 4.4 miles, the route continues to follow the ridgeline for a steep descent on an overgrown trail—prepare to maneuver over (and under) large, downed trees. Overgrown plants and bushes also crowd the path, making sections of the trail hard to find and navigate. At mile 8.2, bear right at the T-intersection onto Hunchback Mountain Trail for a 100-foot stretch to Devils Peak Lookout Tower. (Look through the trees to find views of Mount Hood to the northeast.) Spend the night in the tower’s small cabin (first come, first serve; sleeps 2 people comfortably), or turn around and follow the same route back to the trailhead.
-Mapped by Trung Q. Le

TO TRAILHEAD: I-84 E to exit 13. Turn right onto NE 181st Ave. In 1.3 miles, turn left at E. Burnside St. In 4.1 miles, continue straight onto US 26. In 2.6 miles, continue straight on OR 26. In 7.1 miles, continue straight on Pioneer Blvd./US 26. In 0.7 mile, continue straight on OR 26 (toward Zigzag, OR). In 16.8 miles, turn right for parking at Zigzag Ranger Station.

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