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Eugene, OR: Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

This 8.5-mile loop in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area hugs the Oregon coast before heading inland to lush old-growth forest and views of the Coast Range and Pacific Ocean.

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Perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and bordered by the Coast Range, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is home to rocky shoreline, dramatic headlands, and lush, old-growth forest. From the Visitor Center, follow the Oregon Coast Trail to the south. The trail winds above the Pacific Ocean, passing Cooks Chasm and Captain Cook Point. After a mile, the route passes Gwynn Creek Trail and continues south to a junction with Cummins Creek Trail. Turn left at this 3-way intersection and hike east through leafy understory and giant Sitka spruce trees.
Nearly 3 miles in, the Cummins Creek Trail splits: bear left to take the upper route, which ascends more than 1,000 feet in less than 1.5 miles and traverses a ridgetop meadow. A mile and a half later, turn right onto a 600-foot spur trail to a viewpoint that overlooks the Coast Range to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Past the viewpoint, the route winds north, then turns left onto Cook’s Ridge Trail for a ridgetop hike back to the Visitor Center.
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-Mapped by Josh Beachy

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