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Oregon Backpacking Trails

Eugene, OR: Good as New (Wild Rogue Wilderness)

Sample the recently restored Wild Rogue Loop on this circuit through canyons and woods in Oregon. BY LAURA LANCASTER

Portland, OR: Chico Trail, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Get the Wallowas to yourself on this loop through prime bear habitat in the rugged Joseph Canyon. BY PATRICE LA VIGNE

Weekends: Ice Falls, Oregon

Venture to this impressive cascade surrounded by jagged granite peaks.

Portland: Washington Park

Retreat into the thick, quiet woods of Washington Park for superb views of Mt. Hood and the Portland skyline on this easy 3-mile hike. Don’t miss the Japanese garden.

Portland: Old Salmon River Trail

Hike along a renowned Salmon River on this 5-mile trip through a moss-covered virgin forest to salmon spawning pools, whitewater drops, and hollowed out Douglas firs large enough to resemble caves.

Portland: Salmon Butte Summit Trail

This 8.4-mile, out-and-back climbs steady through giant Douglas fir stands and rhododendron fields to a treeless summit yielding drop-dead gorgeous views of five distinct volcanic peaks.

Portland, OR: Milo McIver State Park

This easy 5.3-mile loop rewards hikers with fine views of the Cascades without a big climb, then leads to a peaceful riverside lunch spot.

Vancouver, WA: Round Lake

Bring your swimsuit: This 4.6-mile canyon hike features picture-perfect waterfalls, chilly mountain pools, and slim sandstone walls set in lush oak and sycamore forests.

Portland: Elk Rock Island

Paddle the Willamette River to great fishing holes and views of towering osprey nests, then hike a small, isolated island on this 7.8-mile adventure.

Portland: West Linn Wilderness Trail

Hike or run 3 miles into a thick forest of pines, ferns, and firs within The Nature Conservancy’s Wilderness Park, which is nestled on the suburban outskirts of the city.

Portland: Mary Young State Park

Home to a 9-foot Sasquatch, or just apretty bit of forest solitude along the Willamette River? Some think the former, but you’ll definitely find the latter on this 3.8-mile trek.

Portland, OR: Tom Dick and Harry Mountain via Mirror Lake

Grab a first-class view of Mount Hood on this timeless 6-mile out-and-back to lakeside campsites and craggy mountain overlooks in Mount Hood Wilderness.

Portland: Twin Lakes

Hike through some of Oregon’s largest old-growth cedars and Douglas fir to a pair of pristine lakes where you can swim, fish, and camp on this 14.4-mile out-and-back.

Portland: Oak Island

Take a 5-mile tour of grasslands and forests in this island-inside-an-island wildlife refuge.

Portland: Triple Falls

Wet your adventure whistle on this 5-mile out-and-back to four waterfalls and countless swimming holes in the picturesque Oneonta Gorge.

Vancouver, WA: Huckleberry Mountain

Trek above old lava fields to the summit of Huckleberry Mountain on this 10.2-mile round-trip ramble in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Portland: Pup Creek Falls

Climb an easy 1,000 feet above the Clackamas River to a three-tiered waterfall that rivals almost anything in Maui.

Portland, OR: Kings Mountain

The steep, 6-mile out-and-back hike to 3,226-foot Kings Mountain makes a good early-season tune-up or midsummer wildflower tour.

Portland, OR: Champoeg Park Loop

In 6.1 miles, this trail winds through a bird refuge with more than 130 feathered species, a secluded canyon, and an old pioneer town flooded by the Willamette River in the 1800s.

Portland, OR: Larch Mountain

Countless waterfalls, 100-mile mountain views, and groves of ancient trees make this 8.6-mile, one-way trek one of the best dayhikes in the region.

Portland: Oaks Bottom

Explore a local wildlife hideout on this easy 3.5-mile loop into oak forest and along soggy wetlands near the Willamette River.

Portland, OR: Wildwood Trail

Roam dense forests and lush ravines on this 6.4-mile trek just minutes from downtown Portland.

Portland, OR: Wahkeena Falls to Sherrard Point

This 14.6-miler rewards hikers with wildflower meadows and views over four monster peaks.

Portland, OR: Short Sands Beach

Stroll through Giant Sitka spruce to craggy coastal views, then climb into old-growth forest and wild meadows.

Crater Lake National Park: Mount Scott

Travel into the fiery past of Mount Mazama on this 5.2-mile out-and-back to the park’s highest peak, where sprawling views of the deepest lake in the United States await.

Portland: Squaw Mountain

Hike 4.2 miles under huge stands of old-growth hem- lock and firs (saved by strong-minded tree-sitters) to a remote peak in Mt. Hood National Forest.

Bend, OR: South Sister Loop

Circumnavigate South Sister, a snowy volcanic crater patched with glaciers and old lava fields, as you connect alpine lakes on this 29.9-mile camping loop.

Portland: Hawk Mountain

For a mere 4.6-mile investment, you get a protected summit in Mt. Hood National Forest, and a rustic cabin serves as a relaxing base camp.

Portland: Triangulation Peak

Catch an awe-inspiring view or Mt. Jefferson, among other classic Cascades peaks, from the summit of a glacier-carved mountain on this 5-mile out-and-back.

Vancouver, WA: Sister Rocks to Observation Peak

Explore a moist forest of Pacific silver fir on this 5.4-mile out-and-back to the aptly named Observation Peak, where views of volcanic peaks await.

Portland: Willamette Mission Loop

This 6.5-mile, figure-8 hike crosses old nut orchards, then follows a lazy river en route to the largest black cottonwood in the United States.

Portland: Coyote Point

You can thank the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ big dam idea for the views on this scenic 7.6-miler above the shores of 3,500-acre Detroit Lake.

Vancouver, WA: Mount Mitchell

Test your legs and lungs on this 5.4-mile out-and-back through alpine meadows to a 5,000-foot peak with glorious views in Gifford National Forest.

Portland: Park Ridge

No time to hike the whole PCT? This 7.4-mile section in Mt. Hood National Forest offers some of the best done-in-a-day views in the long path’s northern half.

Vancouver, WA Three Falls on Lewis River Trail

On this easy 5.4-mile out-and-back, you’ll follow the mighty Lewis River through a mossy old-growth canyon that harbors three photogenic waterfalls.

Portland, OR: Terwilleger Trail

Escape to a luscious enclave of rolling hills covered by mature hardwoods and trickling streams just seconds from the city on this 6-mile out-and-back.

Portland, OR: Marys Peak

Bag the highest peak in the Coast Range on this 6.1-mile out-and-back where wind, sun, and altitude create several unique ecosystems.

Portland: Blue Lake Trail

This 6.6-miler in southwest Washington’s Indian Heaven Wilderness takes you to a faraway wildland splattered with lakes, ponds, and marshes.

Portland, OR: Hamilton Mountain

Climb high above the Columbia Gorge on this 6.9-mile loop to a skyline of volcanoes, peaks, and endless green hills.

Portland: Marquam Trail to Council Crest

Located in the heart of urban Portland, this 3.9-mile hike follows an unspoiled forest canyon and ends at the city’s highest point, yielding views of four iconic volcanoes.

Portland, OR: Powell Butte Loop

Seek quick refuge from busy streets of Portland on this 5.3-mile loop across wooded slopes to a summit showcasing three snowy peaks.

Portland: Saddle Mountain

This aggressive 6-mile climb leads to the highest point in the Coast Ranges. Shaded Alder groves, wildflower meadows, and views of volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean await.

Portland: Tryon Creek State Park Loop

This 4.2-mile hike tours the only state park in Portland, following Tryon Creek to forest floors teeming with beautiful trilliums during the springtime.

Portland: Leif Erickson Corridor to Maple Trail

This 5.3-mile loop into old-growth forests and along whispering streams offers a true wilderness escape only a few miles from downtown Portland in Forest Park.

Portland: Angels Rest

Earth, wind, and fire are all present on this 3.6-mile dayhike to a secluded waterfall and overlooks above the Columbia Gorge.

Portland: Indian Racetrack Trail

This 6.2-mile dayhike leads to the site of the original Kentucky Derby, a centuries-old racetrack tucked into the mountains of Indian Heaven Wilderness.

Portland: Herman Creek

This shady trail in the Columbia River Gorge links four waterfalls in a moss-shrouded gorge with a handful of campsites.

Portland: Cape Falcon

Sea cliffs, wildflower meadows, secret waterfalls, and little elevation gain make this coastal old-growth 4-miler a sweet dayhike at any time of year.

Portland: Dry Creek Falls

This 4.2-mile out-and-back leads to a beautiful cascade that, despite its misleading name, tumbles 50 feet from mossy cliffs.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Weekend – Sky Lakes Wilderness, OR

Hundreds of lakes and numerous campsites dot a 6,000-foot plateau on this 28.7-mile leg.

Pacific Crest Trail: Three Sisters

Spend up to a week on this 28-mile stretch, which yields more consistent views than the densely forested remainder of the PCT in Oregon. “Take time to bag the Sisters,” advises Jack Haskel, our PCT map contributor. “There are great off-trail routes from basecamps on the trail.”

Pacific Crest Trail: Cascade Locks to Eagle Creek

Looking for a spectacular dayhike near Portland? Most thru-hikers follow this alternate path, which passes a dozen large cascades, including walk-behind-it Tunnel Falls. “For a ways,” says Jack Haskel, our PCT map contributor, “the trail is blasted out of 200-foot cliffs with only some cables to hold onto.”

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 2

OR 66 to OR 140: Trek through grassy slopes around Old Baldy into the lava fields of Brown Mountain on this 34.2-miler.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 1

OREGON BORDER to OR 66: Pass under thick white firs on this 40.8-mile leg in the Siskiyou Mountains. Bonus: Watch the sunrise over Shasta from the Grouse Gap shelter.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 3

OR 140 to OR 62: More than 200 lakes provide primo camping and swimming holes on this 45.3-mile stretch. At the beginning, scale 9,495-ft. Mt. McLoughlin for superb views.


Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 4

OR 62 to OR 138: Crest the breathtaking caldera of Crater Lake on this 22.4-mile trip that ends in the flats of the Pumice Desert.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 5

OR 138 to OR 58: Travel past the jagged spire of Mt. Thielsen on this 58-mile leg in the mountain hemlock slopes of Diamond Peak Wilderness.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 6

OR 58 to ELK LAKE: Find secluded lakeside campsites beneath towering cliffs on this 40-mile stretch in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 9

FR 4220 @ BREITENBUSH LAKE to TIMOTHY LAKE: Knobby buttes dominate this 31.4-mile trip through a landscape of glistening lakes offering big views of Mount Jefferson.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 7

ELK LAKE to OR 252: Skirt the glacier-draped Three Sisters on this 26.6-mile trip full of excellent ridgetop campsites, aspen-lined lakes, and fields of black volcanic glass. Tip: Wear durable boots.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 10

TIMOTHY LAKE to TIMBERLINE LODGE: Giant stands of Douglas fir and lodgepole pine dominate this 23-mile leg which finishes on the airy slopes of Mount Hood.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 11

TIMBERLINE LODGE to CASCADE LOCKS: Swift creeks, several waterfalls, and long photogenic views near Mt. Hood highlight this 41-mile segment.

Pacific Crest Trail: Top Weekend – Mount Hood, OR

This moderate 14.4-mile trek meanders through meadows teeming with wildflowers and delivers epic vistas one of North America’s largest volcanoes.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 8

Editor’s Note: Wildfires forced our map contributor to abandon the PCT and jump ahead to the next section. We hope to collect details on this 57-mile section soon.

Vancouver, WA: Bird Creek Meadows

Walk into a hikers’ heaven on this 7.7-mile loop past waterfalls and through blooming meadows to a geologic hotspot of lava flows and active glaciers.

Portland: Elk Meadows Loop

Escape the city grunge on this 5.5-mile loop past river views and 500-red Douglas firs in Oxbow Regional Park.

Portland: Tillamook Head

Hike to the western terminius of the Lewis and Clark expedition on this 5-mile loop to the Pacific coast.

Portland: Silver Star Mountain

Climb through alpine meadows bursting with flowers to a puzzling Native American relic on this 6.6-mile out-and-back. Bonus: Stellar views of five volcanoes.

Portland: Takena Landing Park

This 3.6-mile dayhike is a fast way to get your wildlife fix: birds strut the riverside, deer hide in the cedars, and beavers build elaborate dams.

Portland, ME: Casco Bay Paddle

Paddle to an old military fort and visit several quaint Down East islands on this 6.8-mile trip around the rocky fingers of Maine’s coast.

Portland: Minto-Brown Island Park

Explore reclaimed wetlands, two islands, and a hawk preserve on a 5.3-mile figure-8 loop in a pastoral getaway just outside the city of Salem.

Portland: Wahclella Falls

Visit four waterfalls amid huge Douglas firs and boulders carpeted in shaggy moss on this 3.4-mile lollipop loop in the Columbia River Gorge.

Portland, OR: Cape Lookout Point

Watch waves crash and boom, migrating gray whales spout, and huge spruces sway on a 5-mile out-and-back to an incredible oceanside overlook.

Portland: Rooster Rock

This 3.9-mile loop provides a quick escape from the city, offering miles of sandy shoreline, wooded trails, and magnificent vistas.

Portland: Tryon Creek Loop

Don’t miss the wildflower show–it’s easy to catch a city bus to the start of a 4.2-mile stroll in Tryon Creek State Park.

Portland: Smith and Bybee Wetlands

Your choice: Hike or paddle through a giant wetland refuge with two lakes, more than 100 bird species, and a host of native trees, including century-old Oregon ashes.

Portland: Hole-in-the-Wall Falls Loop

Loop under old-growth firs, by widespread vistas above the Columbia River, and past several photoworthy waterfalls on this exciting 2.1-mile dayhike.

Portland, OR: McCall Point

The stunning views on this windy point connect the deep blues of the Columbia Gorge to snowy volcanic cones of Mounts Hood and Adams.

Portland, OR: Columbia Slough

This kid-friendly paddle explores the narrow waterways of the Columbia Slough where heaps of birds and wildlife hide along the brushy banks.

Portland: Ruckel Ridge Loop

Locals coined this 8-miler the “toughest hike” in the Columbia Gorge. It gains roughly 3,500 feet from Eagle Creek to a highpoint with picturesque views.

Bend, OR: Mount Thielsen

This volcano has lured explorers for decades. Good reason too: The 8.8-miler mixes trails, routefinding, and hand-over-hand scrambling.

Enterprise, OR: Wenaha River

Delve into a secluded river canyon in the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness.

Portland, OR: Mount Defiance

Make a weekend out of this 18-mile trip that boasts a string of waterfalls, summit views, and lakeside camping in the Columbia Gorge.

Portland, OR: Ecola State Park

Walk in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark on this seaside 12.5-mile hike on the Oregon Coast Trail.

Eugene, OR: Kentucky Falls

Hike by three towering waterfalls in a cathedral-like rain forest on this 4.4-mile out-and-back in the Siuslaw National Forest.

Portland, OR: Devils Rest

In 6.2 miles, you’ll visit two waterfalls and climb through old-growth forest to a wooded summit above the Columbia River Gorge.

Boise, ID: Lookingglass Lake

Climb to a pristine alpine lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness on this 14-mile out-and-back.

Mount Vernon, OR: Aldrich Mountains

Climb peaks and sniff wildflowers on a challenging Malheur National Forest overnight in eastern Oregon.

Vancouver, WA: Silver Star Mountain

Traverse a wildflower-strewn ridge to stunning views in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Portland, OR: Flag Point Lookout Tower (Winter Route)

Snowshoe or ski past snow-covered trees and views of rugged Cascade peaks on this 18.4-mile out-and-back to a lookout tower in Mount Hood National Forest.

Portland, OR: Crosstown Trail (Winter Route)

Explore snow-draped forest near the foot of Mount Hood on this 6-mile out-and-back that follows Crosstown Trail past a snowy lake and numerous creek crossings.

Portland, OR: Pocket Creek to Meadows Creek (Winter Route)

Glide through quiet forests and snow-covered meadows at the base of Mount Hood on this 6.2-mile route from Pocket Creek Sno-Park to Teacup Sno-Park.

Portland, OR: Nesmith Point

This challenging trail climbs through old-growth forest, past views of the Columbia River, Mount Adams, and Beacon Rock, to an overlook high above the Columbia River Gorge.

Portland, OR: Mount Hood via the South Side Route

This 6.8-miler follows the standard route up Oregon’s tallest peak, ascending the Palmer Glacier, crossing a glacial crevasse, and revealing dramatic views of the Cascade Range.

Vancouver, WA: Table Mountain via Pacific Crest Trail

Follow the Pacific Crest Trail across wooded creeks and steep rock gardens to a broad summit overlooking the Columbia River Gorge on this strenuous 15-mile out-and-back.

Bend, OR: South Sister via Obsidian Trail

Link pumice and obsidian fields with expansive alpine meadows on this challenging trek to the top of South Sister, a glacier-capped volcano in the Cascade Range.

Portland, OR: Devils Peak Lookout via Hunchback Mountain Trail

This 16.5-miler follows the Hunchback Mountain ridgeline past numerous viewpoints to a lookout tower in Mount Hood National Forest.

Portland, OR: Dublin Lake via Tanner Butte Trail

A steady climb past towering firs and a cascading waterfall leads to Dublin Lake–the hidden gem of the Columbia River Gorge–on this 13.3-mile out-and-back.

Bend, OR: Three Fingered Jack

This challenging, 12.2-mile trek ascends the spiny, volcanic ridge of Three Fingered Jack for dizzying views across the Cascade Mountains.

Portland, OR: Rock of Ages

Trek through a lush wonderland en route to four spectacular waterfalls, countless swimming holes, and postcard-worthy views of the Columbia River Gorge on this 8.8-mile loop.

Bend, OR: Diamond Peak Loop

Save a weekend for this 27.4-mile loop in the Cascades that climbs an extinct shield volcano and tours lake-dotted landscapes in the Diamond Peak Wilderness.

Bend, OR: Diamond Peak via Trapper Creek

This two-day, 26.5-mile loop in the Cascades climbs an extinct shield volcano and tours lake-dotted landscapes in Diamond Peak Wilderness.

Bend, OR: Diamond Peak via Pacific Crest Trail

Link lake-dotted landscapes, Cascade views, and waterfront campsites on this two-day, 28 miler that climbs an extinct shield volcano in the Diamond Peak Wilderness.

Bend, OR: Mount Washington via Pacific Crest Trail

This 10.6-mile out-and-back in the Cascade Range negotiates a variety of climbing routes to a crumbling volcanic summit (and a dizzying view).

Bend, OR: Broken Top via Park Meadow Trail

This strenuous 16-mile trek weaves past golden meadows to the crumbling crown of Broken Top, a glacier-scraped volcano in Three Sisters Wilderness.

Bend, OR: Broken Top via Green Lakes Trail

Climb to the top of a glacier-scraped volcano for dramatic views of the Cascades on this difficult, 12.5-mile out-and-back in Three Sisters Wilderness.

Portland, OR: Munra Point

One of the Gorge’s steepest and most enjoyable trails, the path to Munra Point features several challenging scrambles and five-star views across the Columbia River.

Portland, OR: Indian Point via Nick Eaton Ridge

You’ll find postcard-worthy views atop a rocky lookout on this 9.6-mile lollipop loop touring the lush forests and ravines of the Columbia River Gorge.

Medford, OR: Varney Creek Trail

Backpack across one of America’s original wilderness areas.

Portland, OR: Lolo Pass

Take a long day or a leisurely weekend to explore Lolo Pass.

Eugene, OR: Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

This 8.5-mile loop in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area hugs the Oregon coast before heading inland to lush old-growth forest and views of the Coast Range and Pacific Ocean.

Salem, OR: Shellburg Falls

Discover two secluded cascades on this 3.7-mile out-and-back in Shellburg Falls Recreation Area.

Oregon Coast Trail (Section 01): South Jetty to Gearhart

This 14.7-mile section hike of the Oregon Coast Trail starts at the mouth of the Columbia River and explores sandy beaches and the remains of a 100-year-old shipwreck.

Portland, OR: Herman Creek Pinnacles

Ditch the crowds on this lesser-traveled, 8.7-miler in the Columbia River Gorge that features shady old-growth forest, striking rock pinnacles, and a breathtaking waterfall.

Salem, OR: Little North Santiam Trail

Grab your hiking boots and a swimsuit for this 7.4-mile hike along the Little North Santiam River that tours a string of crystal clear swimming holes.

McKenzie River National Recreation Trail: Belknap Springs to NFD 2650 Road

This easy-going, 3-mile section hike along the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail passes cascading creeks, moss-draped forest, and lovely views of the McKenzie River.

Vancouver, WA: Dog Mountain Loop

Discover spectacular wildflower displays and unrivaled views across the Columbia River Gorge on this popular summit hike.

Oregon Coast Trail (Section 02): Gearhart to Ecola State Park

On this 12.7-mile section of the Oregon Coast Trail, you’ll tour two coastal towns, travel to a lighthouse lookout, and skim the edge of craggy headlands.

Silver Falls State Park, OR: Trail of Ten Falls

A classic waterfall hike in Silver Falls State Park, the Trail of Ten Falls visits 11 cascades and tours lush forests sprinkled with vibrant wildflowers.

Corvallis, OR: Horse Creek Trail

Massive, mossy trees lend a fairy tale air to this 7.1-mile out-and-back through the Drift Creek Wilderness and one of the Oregon coast’s last remaining stands of old growth.

Portland, OR: Larch Mountain Crater

Take the secluded route up Larch Mountain to a popular pinnacle on this 7-mile loop that features shady woods, vibrant wildflowers, and huge, 5-mountain views.

Portland, OR: Wildcat Mountain and McIntyre Ridge

This 6.6-mile out-and-back visits an old fire lookout site and two wildflower-strewn meadows with postcard-worthy views of Mount Hood.

Vancouver, WA: Mount Adams via South Spur

Climb the Northwest’s tallest nontechnical volcano.

Portland, OR: Ramona Falls

Roughly an hour from Portland, this must-do dayhike in Mount Hood National Forest skirts the Sandy River and offers spectacular views of Ramona Falls.

Portland, OR: Eagle Creek to Twister Falls

Get your fill of breathtaking waterfalls on this 13.1-mile out-and-back in the Columbia River Gorge that visits Punchbowl Falls, Tunnel Falls, and Twister Falls.

Florence, OR: Haceta Head and Hobbit Trail

Start with a casual romp through lush rainforest and a beaver pond meadow, traverse a coastal headland to an historic lighthouse, then delve down through “Middle Earth” to a mystic beach on this 6-mile loop hike.

Salem, OR: Hart’s Cove

Hike through lush coastal forest with the sounds of barking sea lions, to view a hidden cove and waterfall from atop a meadowy bluff on Oregon’s rugged Pacific Coast.

Portland, OR: Tomlike Mountain

Hike to Tomlike Mountain. This is a nice hike with great views of Mt. Hood.

Portland, OR: Chinidere Mountain

Trail to Chinidere Mountain. This is a fairly easy trail that offers great views of Mt. Hood as well as several other Oregon and Washington mountains.

Portland, OR: Wyeth Trail to North Lake

Wyeth trail to North Lake. This is a fairly steep trail that makes for a good workout. North lake is a nice destination.

Salem, OR: Duffy and Santiam Lakes

Go for a dayhike or an easy overnight to one of these quiet cascade lakes, both in the shadow of towering volcanic peaks.

Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, OR: Strawberry Lakes

Get big mountain scenery without the big mountain effort on this 6.9-mile out-and-back that visits two gorgeous alpine lakes, secluded campsites, and a 60-foot trailside waterfall.

Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, OR: Slide Lake

Skirt volcanic cliffs amid hillside meadows to a pair of small alpine lakes and secluded camp spots on this 8.5-mile lollipop-loop.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, OR: Painted Cove

Explore John Day Fossil Beds’ Painted Hills unit on four short hikes, offering both up-close and panoramic views of otherworldly prehistoric volcanic landscapes.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, OR: Blue Basin

This 3.9-mile loop in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument features panoramic views of Blue Basin and a memorable tour of 20-million-year-old fossils.

Stub Stewart State Park, OR: Bumping Knots Loop

Wander amid shaded forest filled with fern and wildflowers on one of the longer trails in Oregon’s newest state park.

Portland, OR: Multnomah Falls Loop

Get beyond the crowds on this 5.4-mile loop hike that visits 6 waterfalls – one of them “secret” – and tops out above 620′ Multnomah Falls, the 2nd-highest year-round waterfall in the U.S.

Portland, OR: Mount Tabor

Get a quick hiking fix without leaving town by exploring the network of trails that crisscross this extinct volcano in southeast Portland.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument: Ape Canyon

Traverse the eastern flanks of the most active volcano in the Cascades on this 11.3-mile trek in Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Bend, OR: Three Sisters Loop

A 33 mile loop around the Middle and South Sisters, in Central Oregon.

Portland, OR: Wahtum Lake via Eagle Creek and Herman Creek Trails

Find primo lakeside camping on a rainforest-to-alpine loop.

Portland, OR: Umbrella Falls Loop

Easily accessible loop hike to two waterfalls in the Mt. Hood National forest.

Coos Bay, OR: John Dellenback Dunes Trail

Traverse the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area’s widest stretch of sandy mountains on this 5-mile out-and-back that winds atop shifting sands to the crashing Pacific shoreline.

Portland, OR: Beaver Pond Loop

Navigate a maze of old logging roads and narrow tracks on this 5 mile loop through Portland’s Tualatin Mountains, keeping your eyes peeled for birds and wildlife.

Portland, OR: Burlington Loop

Keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles and cascade peak views on this 3-mile loop trail just minutes from downtown.

Bend, OR: Deschutes River Trail

This urban riverfront walk through downtown Bend links wide green parks and visits the old Mill District.

Portland, OR: Mitchell Point

Hike this short, steep route to an 1,145′ crest above the Columbia River for spectacular views of the eastern Gorge.

Burns, OR: Steens Mountain

Hike up Steens Mountain via Big Indian Canyon. Crest the summit, and trek down to return via Little Blitzen Canyon.

Salem, OR: Breitenbush Lake to Jefferson Park via Park Ridge

Breitenbush Lake – Jefferson Park. 7.5 mile RT to the Ridge, 11 to Russell Lake.

Oregon Coast Trail (Section 03): Ecola State Park to Arch Cape

This 9.5-mile section of the Oregon Coast Trail winds south on sandy beaches punctuated with craggy headlands and 235-foot Haystack Rock.

Portland, OR: Elk Mountain-Kings Mountain Traverse

4 trails link together to create a brutal loop dayhike in the Oregon Coast Range.

Portland, OR: Tooth Rock & Wauna Viewpoint

This 4-mile lollipop loop explores a stretch of the Historic Columbia River Highway, a stately section of old-growth forest, and tops out 900′ above the Columbia River for bird’s-eye views of the eastern Gorge.

Bend, OR: Smith Rock Loop

Hike a 3.9-mile loop around, and over, Oregon’s most popular rock climbing destination; with closeup views of the Monkey Face pillar, panoramas of the Central Cascades, and a knee-crunching descent of Misery Ridge.

Portland, OR: Willalatin Ridge

Use a lesser-traveled access route to this 4.4-mile lollipop loop in Forest Park, and sample some of the park’s more popular trails.

Bend, OR: Flatiron Rock

Stroll through Central Oregon’s Badlands amid 1,000-year-old juniper trees and crumbling lava outcrops to an ancient hollowed-out lava plateau.

Portland, OR: Mirror Lake

This popular 3-mile lollipop loop visits a small, subalpine lake featuring a front-row view of Mt. Hood, and an option to continue to a higher viewpoint.

Portland, OR: Tamanawas Falls Loop

This waterfall hike up Cold Spring Creek, on the east side of Mt. Hood, offers two options: a 3.5 mile out-and-back, or a 5 mile loop.

Portland, OR: Memaloose Lake

This 2-mile hike in the Clackamas Foothills visits a forested lake cirque, then tops out on 4,850′ South Fork Mountain with endless views over Oregon’s and Washington’s cascade peaks.

Portland, OR: Twin Lakes

This spur off the Pacific Crest Trail, on the south side of Mt. Hood, visits two picturesque lakes and traverses a high ridge over Barlow Valley and Palmateer Meadows.

Portland, OR: Ramona Falls & Bald Mountain Loop

Get 2-for-1 popular Mt. Hood hikes by starting this 12-miler at the Top Spur trailhead; first hike the PCT to lacy Ramona Falls, then return via the Timberline Trail for huge Mt. Hood views and to wander through Bald Mountain’s wildflowers meadows.

Portland, OR: Rock & Serene Lakes

Discover real wilderness just two hours from Portland.

Salem, OR: Shellburg & Stassel Falls Loop

With no shortage of waterfalls in the area, let the crowds go to Silver Falls, and hike this 4-mile lollipop loop that visits three waterfalls of its own on much quieter trail.

Portland, OR: Burnt Lake

After a catastrophic fire in the 19th century, the forest surrounding Burnt Lake has regrown, offering a pleasant 7.5-mile stroll on Zigzag Mountain’s north flank to a pretty lake for dayhiking or camping.

Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop

Eagle Cap’s top trip, a 41-mile tucked away in the southeastern part of Oregon’s largest wilderness, deals a royal flush of granite towers and secluded lakeside camping.

Bend, OR: Broken Top Loop

Spend three days circling the jagged, gaping remains of one of Central Oregon’s peaks on this 22.6-mile loop in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Portland, OR: Sandy River Loop

Enjoy cool, lush forest along and above the banks of the Sandy River on this 5.6-mile double loop trail in Gresham’s Oxbow Regional Park.

Portland, OR: Saddle Mountain

Climb to views of the Pacific Ocean and major Cascade Range peaks on this 5-mile hike to Saddle Mountain.

Portland, OR: Huckleberry Mountain via Bonanza Trail

Climb to an under-the-radar peak in the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness on this 11.4-mile out-and-back an hour southeast of Portland.

Oregon Coast Trail: Seaside to Arch Cape

Slip past tides along cliffy coasts on an easy-to-plan long weekend.

Oregon Portland

Portland: Washington Park

Retreat into the thick, quiet woods of Washington Park for superb views of Mt. Hood and the Portland skyline on this easy 3-mile hike. Don’t miss the Japanese garden.

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