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Oklahoma City, OK: McGee Creek

Dip into the 8,900-acre McGee Creek Natural Scenic Area for an easy out-and-back that peeks into Bugaboo Canyon and some of Oklahoma’s least-traveled territory.

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Perched on the northeast corner of McGee Creek State Park, this 8,900-acre Natural Scenic Area offers solitude and multi-use trails perfect for an easy weekend. Begin this route by self-registering at the trailhead ranger station across from the parking lot. The short, easy trail beelines north before bearing right on the South Rim Trail. One mile ahead, the trail splits again; continue left on the South Rim Trail to Box Spring Camp. Bordering Bugaboo Canyon you may spot treetops rising from the valley below. Make sure to stop for views from the lookout perched 200 feet above the canyon floor before stopping for the night at a signed backcountry campsite 0.25 mile past the viewpoint.
The return trip backtracks to Box Spring Camp and follows singletrack alongside Little Bugaboo Creek to a crossing 0.8 mile north of the trailhead. (The creek is probably dry during the summer, but it’s a cool spot to stop when water is flowing.) You’ll turn left at a 4-way junction then continue on the Little Bugaboo Trail, rejoining the South Rim Trail and backtracking the final 0.4 mile to the trailhead.
To make permit reservations and inquire about trail conditions, call (580) 889-5822.
-Mapped by Chris Jennings

To Trailhead

I-40 S to exit 240A to Indian Nation Turnpike to exit 16. Turn left on OK 3. In 9.3 miles, turn right onto S. Centerpoint Rd. Go 8.7 miles to the McGee Creek Natural Scenic Area ranger station.

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