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Trails Near New York City

New York, NY: Movement for Migration (Stokes State Forest, NJ)

Amble past amber maples on Kittatinny Ridge as golden eagles and hawks soar overhead on this overnight loop. BY KATRINA ROSSOS

New York City: Hunter Mountain Loop

This 12.2-mile loop rambles through some of the wildest hardwood forest in the northeast and climbs three rugged peaks taller than 3,500 feet in Catskill Forest Preserve.

New York City: Stony Brook-Rampano Torne Loop

This hilly 6.8-mile circuit visits the best vistas in southern Harriman State Park, including views of the NYC skyline, after a fine start along one of the area’s prettiest streams.

New York City: Burnham Hollow to McKenley Hollow

This 14-mile shuttle hike winds tranquil wooded slopes to five peaks over 3,400 feet in a remote section of the Catskills. Off-trail experience and navigation skills required.

New York City: Doubletop Mountain

Escape the crowds on the Catskill High Peaks with this 5.6-mile bushwhack to the range’s highest trailless summit. Compass skills required; hiking poles recommended.

New York City: Popolopen Gorge Trail

Visit a lesser-known treasure of Harriman State Park on this 5.7-mile jaunt, which contours through hilly hardwood forest and along cascading creeks to a few peaceful ponds.

New York City: Peekamoose-Table Mountain

This 9.8-mile out-and-back dayhike or overnight explores a lesser-known corner of Slide Mountain Wilderness while summitting two rugged peaks taller than 3,800 feet.

New York City, NY: Alander Mountain

Tag three mountains, including the highest point in Connecticut, on this 12.1-mile hike in Mt. Washington State Forest. Attractions include: pretty streamside camping, spectacular ridgeline hiking, fine mountain views, and a bounty of blueberries.

New York City: Kittatinny Mountain

Enjoy views north and south along Kittatiny Mountain on this vigorous 10-mile loop.

New York City: Pine Meadow Lake

There are no car horns blowing on this pleasant 5-mile loop–just the therapeutic hum of mountain streams and a peaceful lake in the woods.

New York City: Vly and Bearpen Mountains

You won’t find sections of this 8.2-mile hike on any trail map. That’s because, until recently, these two 3,500-foot mountains in the Catskill Mountains sat on private land.

New York City: Bald Rocks to Hogencamp Mountain

Bag the best views withing 50 miles of Manhattan on this 6.5-mile loop along open ridges and bucolic forest trails in Harriman State Park.

New York City: Cornell Trail to Doodletown

Climb two peaks, then return through an abandoned village on this historic 6.2-mile loop in Bear Mountain State Park.

New York City: Devil’s Path

This 25-mile plus hike climbs six significant peaks in the northern Catskills, accumulating about 18,000 feet of elevation gain and loss in steep, rocky terrain. This country looks and feel wild, and the views from its many lookouts easily rival those from the more-crowded high peaks.

New York City: Sugarloaf Mountain

This 9.6-mile out-and-back has quad-bustingly steep inclines and hairy downhills, but features long, magnificent views from Sugarloaf Mountain.

New York City: Wawayanda State Park Loop

Hike, ski, or bike a hidden pocket of sylvan wilderness just an hour from Manhattan.

New York City, NY: South Beacon Mountain

Solitude. Fresh air. Big views. It all unfolds on this vigorous 5-miler along a lively mountain stream to the highest point in Hudson Highlands State Park.

New York City: Kaaterskill High Peak

Hike 9.2 miles to a picturesque peak loved by Hudson Valley painters like Thomas Cole. This lasso loop passes two plane wrecks and provides unmatched views of the Catskills.

New York City: Neversink Loop

This 12-mile loop in Slide Mountain Wilderness connects popular trails with a rough route to secluded campsites and trail-less peaks near the headwaters of the Neversink River.

New York City, NY: Long Path Loop

Enjoy soaring views from open ridges on this easy-access overnight.

New Haven, CT: Kettletown State Park Loop

Climb miles up to viewpoints over the cool waters of the Housatonic River and Lake Zoar on this 3.8-mile loop through Kettletown State Park.

New York City: Fingerboard-Tiorati Loop

Hike a section of America’s first National Scenic Trail on this 23.2-mile, 3-day loop around Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park.

New Haven, CT: Beach – Island Point Trail

This 5.8-miler loops in-and-around secluded islands of rare trees, diverse bird sanctuaries, and tranquil butterfly gardens in Hammonasset Beach State Park.

New Haven, CT: Chatfield Hollow State Park Loop

This easy 4.6-mile loop serves up large tracts of hardwoods, a side of granite ledges, and the continuous pour of a lively brook.

New York City: Fingerboard Shelter via the AT

Tackle a section of America’s first National Scenic Trail on this 15.8-mile out-and-back overnight near Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park.

New York City: Hurd Corners to Morgan Stewart Shelter via the AT

A massive oak, a sprawling wetland, an atomic lake-this classic weekend trip packs it all into a 19.2-mile out-and-back on the Appalachian Trail. Bonus: Save the Earth by taking the train to the trailhead.

New York City: Shenandoah Mountain

On this 13.2-mile out-and-back, you’ll get a StairMaster-type workout as you explore the ridges, ravines and overlooks of Fahnestock State Park.

New York City: Slide-Cornell-Wittenberg

Climb to some of the best views in the Catskills on this 11.7-mile high-peaks trek. Overnight camping permitted.

New York City: West Kill Mountain

This challenging 7.2-mile scramble up rocky West Kill Mountain rewards hikers with stellar views of the Catskills and a waterfall lunch site.

Norwalk, CT: Norwalk Islands Paddle

Bring binoculars on this 7.3-mile paddling tour of Long Island Sound, and take time to check out the shorebirds and a historic island lighthouse.

New York City: Hurd Corners to Wiley Shelter via the AT

Hop off the train and onto a quiet, well-marked trail. Hike as far as 12.2 miles; see deer and turkey, and, if you choose, camp in a classic AT shelter.

New York City: Bear and West Mountains via the AT

This 10-mile out-and-back climbs a summit with far-reaching views and ends at a rustic Appalachian Trail shelter.

New York City, NY: Central Park (South Loop)

Deep within Manhattan’s famed 843-acre greenspace, this 4.1-mile escape offers a quick break from the daily grind.

New York City: High Point

This 11.8-miler traces the Appalachian Trail along an idyllic ridgeline to New Jersey’s highpoint, 60 miles from Manhattan.

New York City, NY: Slide Mountain via Curtis-Ormsbee Trail

Summit a Catskills favorite, Slide Mountain, on this 6.7-mile loop with views of the Shawangunks and Taconics.

New York City, NY: Old Guard Trail

Relive summer camp on a hike full of mini-habitats, historic relics, and hilltop views.

New York City: Schunnemunk Mountain

Traverse steep ridges and swampland north of the Big Apple.

New York City, NY: Hartshorne Woods Park

See a different side of North Jersey from the Grand Tour Trail.

Catskill State Park: Windham High Peak

A mild Catskills out-and-back, this 6.3-miler on the Long Path climbs gentle grades through light spruce forest to Windham High Peak and views south of the Blackhead Mountains.

Newark, NJ: South Mountain Reservation

Hike to hidden falls, summit views and a Revolutionary War-era landmark on this 6-mile loop in South Mountain Reservation.

Morristown National Historical Park: Speedwell Park to Jockey Hollow Encampment

Follow George Washington’s footsteps through swamplands and forests on this 7.6-mile trek (one-way) to Morristown National Historical Park.

Morristown, NJ: Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge

Traipse along the Great Swamp’s boardwalk to sprawling, wildflower-speckled everglades and three world-class birding spots on this easy, two-mile loop near Morristown.

Catskill State Park, NY: Overlook Mountain Trail

Discover 19th century hotel ruins and 360-degree views of the Hudson Valley and Catskills on this 4.5-mile out-and-back to Overlook Mountain.

New York City, NY: Breakneck Mountain Loop

Leave civilization behind on this 7.4-mile loop that connects mountaintop greenery, sweeping monoliths and low-lying swamps in southern Harriman State Park.

New York City, NY: Prospect Park

Tour sprawling, green meadows, wetlands lined with tall grass, and quiet forests on this 3.3-miler in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

New York City: Sandy Hook

Explore bayside birding spots, forest-lined beaches, a historic army base, and the nation’s oldest standing lighthouse on this 13-miler at Sandy Hook.

New York City: West Pond Trail

Discover New York City’s best birding on this 2-mile loop along bay shores and wetlands at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

New York City: Liberty State Park Loop

Walk between a vast everglade, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island on this 5-mile loop through New Jersey’s largest urban park.

New York City: Hessian Lake Loop – Hudson River Dock

Walk from the shores of Bear Mountain State Park’s most popular lake to a Hudson River lookout on this 2-mile lollipop.

New Paltz, NY: Mohonk Lake and Sky Top Tower

Trace the shoreline of Mohonk Lake before scrambling through limestone crevices to a memorial tower with views of the Shawangunks on this 3-mile lollipop.

New York City, NY: John Kieran Nature Trail Loop

Connect quiet forests, wetlands, and an 18th century landmark on this 2.1-mile loop in Van Cortlandt Park.

New York City, NY: Hudson River Park to Central Park

Hit up some of Manhattan’s best outdoor and urban highlights on this 7.6-mile hike that features views of the Statue of Liberty and a scenic spin through Central Park.

New York City: Sugarloaf to Osborn Loop

This seven-mile hike departs from the Manitou railroad station and climbs 1,000 feet to a flat ridgeline with views of Bear Mountain. Take the AT and Osborn Loop to the Manitoga Point Nature Preseve to add a mile of walking along the Hudson for a perfect blend of woods and water.

New York, NY: Brooklyn Bridge to Jamaica Bay

Take a different kind of backpacking trip in the concrete jungle.

Massachusetts New York City

New York City, NY: Alander Mountain

Tag three mountains, including the highest point in Connecticut, on this 12.1-mile hike in Mt. Washington State Forest. Attractions include: pretty streamside camping, spectacular ridgeline hiking, fine mountain views, and a bounty of blueberries.

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