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Limit Pusher: Three More Epics

Test yourself on these wild routes.
JAN13GRAND_Donohue_Glacier_445x260After crossing the Tana Lobe of the Bremner Glacier (Photo by Carl Donohue)

Wrangell-St. Elias NP, AK
Southern Traverse
Cross nine passes, six icefields, two major glaciers, and two-dozen streams on a 13-day, 95-mile expedition in the country’s largest national park. The biggest challenge? Finding secure footing on steep sidehills, navigating thick vegetation, and negotiating unstable talus.

Catskills, NY
Devils Path
Tag six peaks on this 25-miler in the northern Catskills, accumulating 18,000 feet of gain and loss. Start at first light and pack headlamps and four quarts of water (it’s a 16-plus-hour day). Wear sturdy boots (not trail runners): Your feet will take a satanic pounding on the East’s toughest dayhike.

Copper Canyon NP, Mexico
Rim to Rim Loop
Trek 38 miles from the villages of Divisadero to Pamachi through a canyon deeper than our Grand, notching 20,000 feet in elevation change. But it’s not all rise and fall: Soak in hot springs, climb through hanging valleys, and stroll bamboo forests amid chorusing parrots.

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