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Rip & Go: Alamo to Capulin Canyon – Bandelier National Monument, NM

Climb across mesas and up canyon walls to a cave full of pictographs.
Pictographs in Capulin Canyon (Craig Allen)

On The Menu

Breakfast 1
On the road
Lunch 1
Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bagel
Dinner 1
NM Chicken Burrito
Breakfast 2
Bandelier Bacon Cakes
Lunch 2
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Trail mix, apples

NM Chicken Burrito    
Protein-packed recovery dinner

1 jalapeño pepper, minced
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 teaspoon cumin
1 avocado
½ onion
½ cup Monterey Jack cheese
2 tortillas
1 cup black beans (in zip-top)
1 small can of salsa

Sauté peppers for five minutes. Stir in black beans and cumin and heat. Pile mixture on tortillas and top with veggies, salsa, and cheese. Serves 2.

Bandelier Bacon Cakes

Rib-sticking start to the day

1 cup buttermilk pancake mix
¾ cup water
1 packet of shelf-stable bacon

Combine pancake mix with water. Start frying two strips of bacon in preheated pan. Once hot, flip over and pour batter into palm-size circles. Turn when small bubbles appear. Cook other side until light brown. Top with maple syrup. Recipe makes 6-7 cakes: enough for two people.

The Grocery List (Aisle # in Nearest Store Below)
[  ]  avocado (produce)
[  ]  jalapeño (produce)
[  ]  red pepper (produce)
[  ]  onion (produce)
[  ]  PB & J (produce)
[  ]  apples (produce)
[  ]  trail mix (bulk)
[  ]  ¼ lb. sliced turkey (deli)
[  ]  shelf-stable bacon (meat)
[  ]  instant buttermilk pancake mix (1)
[  ]  black beans (2)
[  ]  salsa (3)
[  ]  whole wheat bagels (5)
[  ] tortillas (5)
[  ]  shredded Monterey Jack cheese (5)

Pack: Cumin, maple syrup

Fill up with Bandelier Grill’s one-pound, stuffed potatoes, with insides ranging from carne asada to green chile chicken. 11 Sherwood Blvd., White Rock, NM; (505) 672-4083;

31 Sherwood Blvd., White Rock, NM
(505) 672-3811

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