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Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, NJ: Mount Tammany

Trek up 1,500-foot Mount Tammany for far-reaching views of the Kittatinny Mountains and the Delaware Water Gap on this 3.6-mile loop.

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Roughly 4 miles southeast of Stroudsburg, PA—where the western border of New Jersey meets Pennsylvania—the Delaware River flows through a mile-wide gap in the Kittatinny Ridge. Bordered to the west by Mount Minsi and to the east by Mount Tammany, the Delaware Water Gap is a 1,200-foot-deep gorge that attracts a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Explore this dramatic landscape by foot on this 3.6-mile dayhike that traverses Mount Tammany.
From the Dunnfield parking area, the trail travels north, then southeast up Tammany’s wooded slopes. Less than halfway to the top, stop at the overlook on the right for picture-perfect views of the Delaware River snaking around Mount Minsi’s emerald-colored slopes. After 1.2 miles—and more than 1,000 feet of elevation gain—the southern half of the Kittatinny Mountains unfolds at a vantage point just below the summit.
From here, merge onto the Blue Trail, walking north through wide-open wooded area with knee-high bushes. Farmland and forests appear in the valley to the east. Shortly thereafter the route descends through the woods into a magnificent gorge known as Dunnfield Creek Natural Area. Trickling water and birdsong are the only noise here. (You’ll also spot rock walls overrun with moss.) The loop follows the stream, paralleling the Appalachian Trail before finishing at the Dunnfield parking lot.

MORE PARK INFO: Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, (570) 426-2452;
-Mapped by MacKenzie Ryan

To Trailhead

From Portland, NJ, merge onto I-80 W (toward Stroudsburg, PA). In 3.7 miles, exit the interstate and follow the road to Dunnfield parking lot on the right.

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