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Rip & Go: Wood Lake – Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, MT

Cross the Stillwater Plateau to trout-rich ponds at the foot of Montana's second highest peak.
october 09 rip n go wood lake 445x260Stillwater Plateau (Lisa Densmore)

On The Menu

Lunch 1 & 2
Turkey and cheddar tortillas
Dinner 1
Stillwater Wild Rice
Breakfasts 1, 2, & 3
Oatmeal with dried fruit
Dinner 2
Beartooth Pesto and Trout
Trail mix, string cheese, cookies,
summer sausage

Stillwater Wild Rice
A heart-healthy dinner

1 5-ounce pouch chicken
1 6-oz. box wild rice
1 small zucchini
1 small summer squash

Boil two cups of water. Add rice and cook as directed. Chop veggies. Two minutes before rice is finished, mix in chicken and veggies. Remove from heat. Salt and pepper to taste.

Beartooth Pesto and Trout
A perfect Montana pairing

1 trout, cleaned
8 ounces bowtie pasta
4 ounces pesto
6 ounces summer sausage

Cut sausage into chunks for an appetizer (or use in pasta if you didn’t catch a fish). Boil water; cook pasta until al dente. Drain; add pesto. Wrap trout in foil with oil and lemon; lay on hot embers (no fires within 200 feet of lake). Cook six minutes per side for a two-pound trout.

The Grocery List (Aisle Number in Nearest Store Below)

12-oz. log summer
sausage (1)
1 pack tortillas (1)
1 box wild rice (3)
8 oz. bowtie
pasta (3)
4-oz. jar pesto (3)
4 oz. dried fruit (4)
1/2 lb. trail mix (4)
1 box oatmeal (8)
Aluminum foil (9)
Cookies (11)
3 string cheese
packs (back wall)
4 oz. turkey (meat)
4 oz. cheddar (meat)
1 zucchini (produce)
1 summer squash
1 lemon (produce)
5-oz. pouch chicken
(right corner)

Nearest Grocery Store
Evergreen IGA
1540 13th Street West, Billings, MT; (406) 245-5138

Pit Stop
Hit the Cowboy Bar and Supper Club in Fishtail for half-pound Cowboy burgers topped with mushrooms, guacamole, and Swiss cheese. Pair with a cold Moose Drool–a mellow brown Montana ale. (406) 328-4288

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