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Rip & Go: Hilgard Basin – Lee Metcalf Wilderness, MT

Climb to a wonderland of tundra, rugged peaks, and dreamy lakes.

On The Menu

Breakfast 1 
On the road
Lunches 1 & 2 
Bagels and cream cheese with salami
Alpine Couscous
Breakfast 2
Echo Peak Oatmeal
Trail mix, beef jerky

Alpine Couscous
Middle East meets high peaks. 

10 ounces couscous
1 Snappy Soya Tasty Bite
8 ounces prewashed spinach
4 ounces crumbled feta cheese
Green onion, chopped
Salt and pepper

Boil couscous as directed. Heat Tasty Bite. Add spinach and cook until wilted. Mix with couscous. Top with green onions and feta. Serves two. 

Echo Peak Oatmeal 
A sweet, nutty twist to that go-to high peaks fuel 

3 packages instant oatmeal
Huckleberry jam
1 handful cashews (or your preferred nut) 
Pinch of allspice

Heat water and add to instant oatmeal. Stir in huckleberry preserves, top with nuts and allspice, enjoy. Serves two.

The Grocery List (Aisles are unnumbered)
[  ]  allspice
[  ]  bagels
[  ]  beef jerky
[  ]  cashews
[  ]  couscous
[  ]  cucumber
[  ]  cream cheese
[  ]  dried fruit
[  ]  feta
[  ]  green onions 
[  ]  huckleberry jam
[  ]  instant oatmeal 
[  ]  trail mix 
[  ]  salami
[  ]  Snappy Soya Tasty  Bite
[  ]  spinach

Locals love Burger Bob’s in downtown Bozeman for a juicy posthike burger (made with local ingredients), a pile of fries, and a cold Montana microbrew. Order up the Original Bob’s Combo. 39 W. Main St., Bozeman, MT; (406) 585-0080

Bozeman Community Food Co-op
908 W. Main St.
Bozeman, MT
(406) 587-4039

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