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Glacier National Park: Vision Quest Site

This 10-mile out-and-back heads off-trail and lands at the crumbling ruins of a Native American spiritual site on the slopes of Mount Henry.

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This 10-mile hike from Two Medicine Lake begins with an easy, 0.5-mile warm-up before turning uphill sharply after a quick detour to Appistoki Falls. Take your time as the trail climbs the east side of a glacier-carved valley—almost every long switchback offers a rest-worthy point to look for wildlife. The climb gets increasingly rocky as it approaches a saddle at mile 2.8. From the saddle you’ll get a glimpse of Scenic Point. Continue toward the point, traversing the ridge, but before dipping to the saddle, turn off-trail to the right.

Pick your way across the rocky, treeless hillside heading due south to another saddle. This route follows a goat trail across the broad grassy hill to the left, but turn sharply uphill and pick your way toward its top. Just before cresting the ridge, look for a rocky foundation—an old Native Americans vision quest site. The top of the hill offers sweeping views of Glacier’s peaks, a close-up of Mount Henry’s rugged relief, and a perfect perch to watch for wildlife on Appistoki’s eastern slope.
Note: This hike is mostly above treeline on an exposed, west-facing hillside so plan to hike it early in the morning or when spring temperatures are moderate to avoid harsh afternoon sun and overheating.
PERMIT: Overnight camping in Glacier National Park requires a backcountry permit. Check out the latest fees and more details at
MORE PARK INFO: Glacier National Park, (406) 888-7800;
-Mapped by Kristy Holland

To Trailhead

From East Glacier Park, take MT 49 north (the road isn't plowed in winter). In 4 miles, turn left onto Two Medicine Rd. Drive 8 miles to the Scenic Point Trailhead on the left.

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