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Appalachian Trail: ME 15 to Jo-Mary Road

This classic 54-mile section travels through Maine’s infamous 100-Mile Wilderness where countless notches, summit bids, and old-growth conifers are just a few highlights.

Trip Tools

Shelters: Leeman Brook Lean-to; sleeps 6. Wilson Valley Lean-to; sleeps 6. Long Pond Stream Lean-to; sleeps 8. Cloud Pond Lean-to; sleeps 6. Chairback Gap Lean-to; sleeps 6. Carl A. Newhall Lean-to; sleeps 6. Logan Brook Lean-to; sleeps 6. East Branch Lean-to; sleeps 8. Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to; sleeps 6.

To Trailhead

Start: From Monson, ME, take ME 6/15 north 3.3 miles to trail crossing. End: From Millinocket, ME, take ME 11 south 15.5 miles to Jo Mary Lake Rd. Turn right and take Jo Mary Lake Rd. 11.6 miles to trailhead.

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