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Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is a National Scenic Trail that runs 2,663 miles from the United States-Mexico border through California, Oregon, and Washington, where it reaches its northern terminus at the United States-Canada border. The Pacific Crest Trail is known as a challenging thru-hiking and backpacking route through some of the country’s most spectacular wilderness ranges. The trail generally follows the high route through the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges.

The PCT, as the trail is commonly known, passes through seven national parks and 25 national forests. It was designated a National Scenic Trail in 1968, but was not officially finished until 1993.

Thru-hiking, or hiking a long trail in its entirety in one season, is a popular pursuit on the Pacific Crest Trail. Planning a PCT thru-hike usually takes several months, and hiking it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Crest is the topic of many books, memoirs and documentaries, including a recent best-selling memoir entitled “Wild,” written by Cheryl Strayed.

Together, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail, are known as the Triple Crown of long-distance hiking in the United States. Someone who successfully thru-hikes all three trails is known as a Triple Crowner.

Sacramento, CA: See the Forest for the Trees (Bigfoot Trail)

Wend beneath sugar pines, Pacific yews, mountain hemlocks, and Shasta firs on this remote section of the Bigfoot Trail in Northern California. BY LAURA LANCASTER

San Diego: Pacific Crest Trail (Long Canyon)

This aggressive 20.2-mile loop snakes past canyon walls and up aggressive ridgelines to stellar views of the Laguna Mountains and beyond.

Los Angeles: Morris Peak

This rigorous but rewarding 9.8-mile out-and-back on the Pacific Crest Trail climbs more than 2,000 feet to a summit with splendid high-desert views.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 16

HIKERTOWN to TEHACHAPI/WILLOW SPRINGS ROAD: This one isn’t for tender-footed hikers. Best saved for springtime, it’s a hot run for 37 miles across the Mojave Desert peppered with iconic Joshua trees.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 3

LAGUNA MEADOW to CA 78: Starting on the Laguna Rim, this 25.7-mile leg passes over granite knobs with long views into the undulating desert.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 19

WALKER PASS to KENNEDY MEADOWS: Go 48.5 miles on the Kern Plateau, a slanted wilderness that connects foxtail pine country to the crumbling granite obelisks of the Sierra foothills.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 21

TUOLUMNE MEADOWS to SONORA PASS: This 65.8-mile section travels the remote regions of Yosemite. Our advice: Pack a good camera (the scenery is five stars), extra sunscreen (it’s the High Sierra), and water shoes (swift rivers).

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 20

KENNEDY MEADOWS to TUOLUMNE MEADOWS: The highlight reel of this 209-mile section includes three national parks, several high passes with heavenly views, two stunning wilderness areas, and not a single road. Option: Detour up Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the Lower 48.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Weekend – Sky Lakes Wilderness, OR

Hundreds of lakes and numerous campsites dot a 6,000-foot plateau on this 28.7-mile leg.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Dayhike – Sonora Pass, CA

This 8.9-mile section hike gets top billing for its 100-mile Sierra views of shimmering alpine lakes, towering peaks, and hillsides bursting with wildflowers.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Weekend – Goat Rocks Crest, WA

This 22.5-mile trip sticks to high ridges that serve up outstanding views of the Cascade’s infamous volcanoes.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Weekend – William O. Douglas Wilderness, WA

A good pick for new backpackers and fit families, the 25.6-mile leg from White Pass north to Chinook Pass is spectacular without too much challenge.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Week – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA

Want mountain views? Gaze at horizon-hoggers like Rainier and Glacier Peak. Flora and fauna? Spot mountain goats amid the plentiful columbines. Lakeside camping? With 700 lakes, there’s no end to superb tent sites on this 58.7-mile trek.

Pacific Crest Trail: Most Diverse – San Jacinto Mountains, CA

This 49.8-mile traverse passes through all six California life zones, from scrubby deserts of chaparral and shaggy Mojave yucca to the frosty spine of the San Jacinto Range.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Scenery – Pasayten Wilderness, WA

There’s really no such thing as crowds on the PCT, but if you want to ditch every last bit of traffic, hike the northernmost 35 miles.

Pacific Crest Trail: Three Sisters

Spend up to a week on this 28-mile stretch, which yields more consistent views than the densely forested remainder of the PCT in Oregon. “Take time to bag the Sisters,” advises Jack Haskel, our PCT map contributor. “There are great off-trail routes from basecamps on the trail.”

Pacific Crest Trail: Cascade Locks to Eagle Creek

Looking for a spectacular dayhike near Portland? Most thru-hikers follow this alternate path, which passes a dozen large cascades, including walk-behind-it Tunnel Falls. “For a ways,” says Jack Haskel, our PCT map contributor, “the trail is blasted out of 200-foot cliffs with only some cables to hold onto.”

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Weekend – Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA

Traverse the dry, but surprisingly life-filled, San Felipe Hills on this 18.9-mile trip in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Weekend – Mokelumne Wilderness, CA

Hike past bizarre volcanic formations to a campsite offering remote sunrise views of the northern Sierras on this 14.8-mile trek.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 2

I-8 to LAGUNA MEADOWS: Explore the shady ravines of the Laguna Mountains on this 19.2-mile to a cozy meadow campsite under Jeffrey pines.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 9

CRAB FLATS ROAD to CA 138: Hot springs. Killer views. Lonely campsites. That’s just a short hitlist of what unfurls on this 30.4-mile section across the San Bernardino Mountains.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 6

CA 74 to I-10: This 54.3-mile segment serves up an ecological buffet, passing through all California six life zones from the scrubby desert floor to the frosty spine of the San Jacinto Range.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 4

CA 78 to WARNER SPRINGS: Best done during the cooler days of spring and fall, this 25.8-mile stretch runs through the shrubby San Felipe Hills of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 11

CAJON JUNCTION to CA 2: Walk the scar of the San Andreas Fault then climb the pinyon ridges of the Mojave Desert on this 23.6-mile trek. Don’t miss Wrightwood, CA, considered the friendliest hiker town just off the PCT.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 13

THREE POINTS to AGUA DULCE: Finish off the San Gabriel’s by dipping into steep ravines and over ridges covered in spruce on this 41.3-mile stretch that ends beneath the uplifted sandstone cliffs in Vasquez Rocks County Park.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 15

ELIZABETH CANYON to HIKERTOWN: Much of this 26.3-mile stretch navigates the slopes of Sawmill Mountain before ending in the desert flats of Hikertown, USA. High point: Views on Leibre Mountain stretch from the Pacific to the Mojave.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 18

LANDERS MEADOW to WALKER PASS: Begin the long ascent into the Sierras through the pinyon forests and cholla clumps of the Scodie Mountains on this 38.7-mile leg. In spring, wildflowers bring color to the arid gray-green landscape.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 23

EBBETTS PASS to CA 88: Pass through an ancient volcanic kiln of rugged knobs and lava streams now-framed with willows, peaceful meadows, and early-summer snow fields in the Mokelumne Wilderness. This is a moderately-challenging 23.6-mile leg.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 25

US 50 to I-80: Visit two scenic wilderness areas, swim in countless lakes, and traverse above Lake Tahoe’s rim on this 56-mile section.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 28

QUINCY-LAPORTE ROAD to OROVILLE-QUINCY HIGHWAY: This 29.8-mile leg skirts crumbled lava flows and the churning Middle Fork Feather River, where delightful riverside pools offer ample sunbathing and swimming.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 27

SIERRA CITY to QUINCY-LAPORTE ROAD: Hike past dozens of alpine lakes and a few notable peaks on this 31.7-mile section. Don’t pass by the Sierra Buttes without climbing to the old lookout, the views from the top are some of California’s best.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 30

BELDEN to HUMBOLDT SUMMIT: This 22.4-mile heart-pounding section climbs 5,000 feet and crosses several lovely mountain streams.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 31

HUMBOLDT SUMMIT to CA 36: Hit the PCT midpoint and some refreshing creekside pools in the Sierra’s last canyon on this 17.9-mile section.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 32

CA 36 to DRAKESBAD RESORT: Pick up some steam on this 17.4-mile segment through the puffing geysers and thermal lakes of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 33

DRAKESBAD RESORT to OLD STATION POST OFFICE: Head into the remote corner of Lassen Volcanic National Park on this 22.4-mile section past high mountain lakes ringed with conifers and a backdrop of cinder cone volcanoes.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 34

OLD STATION POST OFFICE to BURNEY FALLS: This 43.8-mile leg, possibly the longest waterless stretch on the PCT, follows the sweltering contours of Hat Creek Rim before ending at a 129-foot cascade. In early spring, wildflowers are top-notch on the rim.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 36

GRIZZLY PEAK to CASTLE CRAGS: Drop into shady canyons packed with cedars, firs, and flowing creeks before grinding up Girard Ridge for long-range vistas of snowy Shasta and the wrinkled Castle Crags on this 37.2-mile section.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 35

BURNEY FALLS to GRIZZLY PEAK: Scope a raging 129-foot waterfall to start this tough-and-dry 37.5-mile leg through rolling fir-forest basins to an isolated peak that rewards with views of Mount Shasta.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 37

I-5 to GUMBOOT TRAILHEAD: Trek past the lofty spires of Castle Crags to the weathered ridges and lakes near the Trinity Divide on this 21.5-mile stretch. Postcard views of Mount Shasta dominate the horizon.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 38

GUMBOOT TRAILHEAD to CA 3: High in the Trinity Alps, this 32.9-mile ridge section views the headwaters of the Trinity River and countless alpine lakes.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 39

CA 3 to CARTER MEADOWS SUMMIT: Pass rocky lake basins and deep, glacially scoured canyons on this 18.5-mile leg across the slim ridges of the Scott Mountains.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 40

CARTER MEADOWS SUMMIT to ETNA SUMMIT: Stick to the high crest and get bird’s-eye views over the headwaters of the Salmon, Scott, and Trinity Rivers during this 18.1-mile section through the less-explored lakes and peaks of the Russian Wilderness.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 41

ETNA SUMMIT to SEIDAD VALLEY: Packed with craggy peaks and rugged cirques, this 51.1-mile leg through the Marble Mountains serves up endless solitude.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 42

SEIDAD VALLEY to OREGON BORDER: Few, if any hikers, make it this far north in California, so you’ll likely have the trail to yourself. This 32.1-mile leg begins with a steep climb out of the Klamath River Valley and hugs the Siskiyou Crest passing buttes and deep ravines.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 12

CA 2 to THREE POINTS: This 25-mile leg has a mad list of peaks. Start by climbing 2,000 feet up Mt. Baden-Powell with views unfolding to the Sierra Nevada. Then zigzag the swelling ridges of the San Gabriel Crest.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 10

CA 138 to I-15: On this 10.5-mile stretch, climb through sandy washes and gullies around Cleghorn Ridge to overlooks of Cajon Canyon and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 17

TEHACHAPI/WILLOW SPRINGS ROAD to LANDERS MEADOW: Climb through the Piute Mountains on this 42.5-mile stretch past dry mining claims and an expanse of sagebrush and yucca.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 2

OR 66 to OR 140: Trek through grassy slopes around Old Baldy into the lava fields of Brown Mountain on this 34.2-miler.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 1

OREGON BORDER to OR 66: Pass under thick white firs on this 40.8-mile leg in the Siskiyou Mountains. Bonus: Watch the sunrise over Shasta from the Grouse Gap shelter.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 3

OR 140 to OR 62: More than 200 lakes provide primo camping and swimming holes on this 45.3-mile stretch. At the beginning, scale 9,495-ft. Mt. McLoughlin for superb views.


Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 4

OR 62 to OR 138: Crest the breathtaking caldera of Crater Lake on this 22.4-mile trip that ends in the flats of the Pumice Desert.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 5

OR 138 to OR 58: Travel past the jagged spire of Mt. Thielsen on this 58-mile leg in the mountain hemlock slopes of Diamond Peak Wilderness.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 6

OR 58 to ELK LAKE: Find secluded lakeside campsites beneath towering cliffs on this 40-mile stretch in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 9

FR 4220 @ BREITENBUSH LAKE to TIMOTHY LAKE: Knobby buttes dominate this 31.4-mile trip through a landscape of glistening lakes offering big views of Mount Jefferson.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 7

ELK LAKE to OR 252: Skirt the glacier-draped Three Sisters on this 26.6-mile trip full of excellent ridgetop campsites, aspen-lined lakes, and fields of black volcanic glass. Tip: Wear durable boots.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 10

TIMOTHY LAKE to TIMBERLINE LODGE: Giant stands of Douglas fir and lodgepole pine dominate this 23-mile leg which finishes on the airy slopes of Mount Hood.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 11

TIMBERLINE LODGE to CASCADE LOCKS: Swift creeks, several waterfalls, and long photogenic views near Mt. Hood highlight this 41-mile segment.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 1

CASCADE LOCKS to STABLER: Climb out of the Columbia River Gorge onto view-filled ridges on this 28.6-mile leg stocked with creeks and campsites.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 2

STABLER to BIG MOSQUITO LAKE: Backpack through big huckleberry fields, visit an old Indian racetrack, and check out a hardened lava flow on this 33.7-mile leg that passes through Indian Heaven Wilderness.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 3

BIG MOSQUITO LAKE to SHEEP LAKE: In-your-face glacier views of Mt. Adams dominate most of this 45.2-mile leg through beautiful subalpine meadows to the shores of a lovely ridgetop lake.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 4

SHEEP LAKE to WHITE PASS: Get high into the snowy contours of Goat Rocks Wilderness on this 22.2-mile leg. Bring an ice axe and lightweight crampons for the Packwood Glacier.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 5

WHITE PASS to CHINOOK PASS: This 25.6-mile leg traverses meadows dotted with lakes to the Cascade Crest for pin-up views of Mts. St. Helens and Rainier. Anderson Lake, just inside Rainier National Park, makes for a stellar final camp.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 6

CHINOOK PASS to TACOMA PASS: Sticking to a craggy ridge over countless passes and peaks, this 37.4-mile leg features full-circle vistas over the central Cascades.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 7

TACOMA PASS to SNOQUALMIE PASS: Hike through a patchwork of woodlands and lakes on this 25.3-mile stretch stocked with blueberries and long-range Rainier views.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 9

STEVENS PASS to KENNEDY RIDGE: This 40.4-mile leg serves up plenty of challenge and isolation: bottomless canyons, long talus slopes, and raging creeks add an extra edge to the overall beauty.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 10

KENNEDY RIDGE to HIGH BRIDGE RANGER STATION: Climb the rugged topography around Glacier Peak then cross two passes on this 42.1-mile rollercoaster leg into Agnes Creek.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 11

HIGH BRIDGE RANGER STATION to RAINY PASS: Wind along the roaring banks of a steep 1,000-foot gorge on this 18-mile stretch in North Cascades National Park.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 12

RAINY PASS to HARTS PASS: This 25.6-mile ridge-to-river leg runs under a glacier-carved outcrop and its centerpiece, the 8,366-foot Golden Horn.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 13

HARTS PASS to CANADA: The last 34-mile leg of the PCT might be one of the grandest, and possibly the least-traveled. In the remote Pasatayen Wilderness, hikers are the minority compared to the prized wildlife populations (grizzlies, gray wolves, lynx).

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 22

SONORA PASS to EBBETTS PASS: Curve between sharp ice-hewn boulders on this 27.2-mile stretch surrounded by red volcanic peaks.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 24

CA 88 to US 50: Start at the headwaters of the Truckee River and get an early glimpse at Lake Tahoe before winding through lush canyons on this 12.5-mile section.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 26

I-80 to SIERRA CITY: This 32-mile leg runs from ridge-to-river and offers incredible campsites.  Add a wildcard to this adventure by overnighting at a backcountry hut.

Pacific Crest Trail: WA Section 8

SNOQUALMIE PASS to STEVENS PASS: It’s you and the mountain goats on this 56.7-mile stretch along the crest of Alpine Lakes Wilderness to colorful meadows exploding with paintbrush and tiger lilies.

Pacific Crest Trail: Top Weekend – Mount Hood, OR

This moderate 14.4-mile trek meanders through meadows teeming with wildflowers and delivers epic vistas one of North America’s largest volcanoes.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Weekend – Marble Mountains, CA

Find big views and small crowds on this 18-mile loop in the Marble Mountains that tops above northern California at a secluded lakeside campsite.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 29

OROVILLE-QUINCY HIGHWAY to BELDEN: Travel a scenic 16.3-mile rim route above alpine ponds to one California’s most isolated campsites under a canopy of red firs.

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Month – High Sierra, CA

Every hiker’s life list should include the 270 miles between Mt. Whitney and Sonora Pass. It may take a month, but it’s a trivial sacrifice to make for the most unrelenting wilderness eye-candy you’ll ever feast on.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 7

I-10 to BIG BEAR CITY: This 48.9-mile segment offers plenty of crowdfree miles through twisty canyons, past wind farms and into fragrant fir groves.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 8

BIG BEAR CITY to CRAB FLATS ROAD: Follow the forested high ridges across the San Bernardino Mountains to creekbeds tangled in sagebrush on this 21.6-mile leg.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 5

WARNER SPRINGS to CA 74: Horned lizards are just one of the oddly adapted desert creatures and plants you’ll see on the 35-mile leg over Bucksnort Mountain. Pack plenty of water.

Pacific Crest Trail: CA Section 1

SOUTHERN TERMINUS to BOULDER OAKS CAMPGROUND: From the US-Mexico border, begin this 21.2-mile leg with a traverse of Hauser Mountain’s broad slopes before descending into the lowlands near Lake Morena.

Pacific Crest Trail: Mexico to Canada

This interactive map is the next best thing to hiking the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. Check out the trail on seamless topo maps, aerial photos, or fly over the terrain by clicking on the Google Earth link.

Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 8

Editor’s Note: Wildfires forced our map contributor to abandon the PCT and jump ahead to the next section. We hope to collect details on this 57-mile section soon.

Seattle: PCT North from Snoqualmie Pass

Climb 1,300 feet to a sparkling alpine basin dotted with summer wildflowers on this 6.25-mile out-and-back along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Lake Tahoe, CA: Susie Lake via Pacific Crest Trail

On this 16.2-mile weekend, you’ll cross through a giant, glacier-carved basin with shimmering lakes and camp at first-class High Sierra campsites.

Lake Tahoe, CA: Donner Pass to Tinker Knob

This challenging 10.4-miler climbs past lowland scrubs, a wildfire zone, and several campsites to a tall pine forest in Los Padres National Forest.

San Diego, CA: Laguna Hills via PCT

This weekend trip strings together cool ravines, desert canyons, and sunset views over the Pacific Ocean.

Sierras, CA: Sierra High Route

On this burly, 200-plus-mile traverse, which
crosses 33 passes and barely touches
established trails, you can find Alaska-size
scenery, complete solitude, and just
enough risk to keep things interesting.

Palm Springs, CA: San Jacinto Peak Loop

String together two 10,000-foot peaks on this 19.4-mile loop with a mix of trail and off-trail pursuits. Enjoy fine campsites and views of Southern California too.

Vancouver, WA: Table Mountain via Pacific Crest Trail

Follow the Pacific Crest Trail across wooded creeks and steep rock gardens to a broad summit overlooking the Columbia River Gorge on this strenuous 15-mile out-and-back.

North Cascades National Park: Agnes Gorge

This 7.9-mile out-and-back in North Cascades National Park links massive old-growth cedars, a photogenic gorge, and waterfall overlooks.

San Diego, CA: Noble Canyon-Indian Creek-Pine Mountain Loop

No time for Pacific Crest thru-hiking? This 12-miler samples a section of the Pacific Crest Trail, passing mile-high peaks and desert vistas.

Bend, OR: Mount Washington via Pacific Crest Trail

This 10.6-mile out-and-back in the Cascade Range negotiates a variety of climbing routes to a crumbling volcanic summit (and a dizzying view).

Portland, OR: Herman Creek Pinnacles

Ditch the crowds on this lesser-traveled, 8.7-miler in the Columbia River Gorge that features shady old-growth forest, striking rock pinnacles, and a breathtaking waterfall.

Vancouver, WA: Bird Mountain Loop

This 10-mile loop in the heart of Washington’s Indian Heaven Wilderness is overflowing with wildflower meadows, summer huckleberries, and sparkling lakes. Do it as a dayhike, or backpack it with several side trip options.

Mount Rainier National Park: Laughingwater Creek to Chinook Pass via Pacific Crest Trail

This 18.5-mile point-to-point in the eastern fringes of the park follows the Pacific Crest Trail across Cascade ridgelines to picture-perfect views of Rainier.

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