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John Muir Trail

The John Muir Trail is a long-distance hiking trail in the High Sierra backcountry, named after famed naturalist, author and Sierra Club founder John Muir. For 211 miles, the trail follows the Sierra Nevada mountain range from its southern terminus at Mount Whitney to its northern terminus at Happy Isles trailhead in Yosemite Valley.

The trail coincides with the 2,663-mile Pacific Crest Trail for about 160 miles, and rarely dips below 8,000 feet elevation. The trail is usually hiking in July, August or September after most of the snowpack has melted. Hiking earlier in the season often requires carrying an ice axe and fording streams bloated by snowmelt.

The John Muir Trail passes through Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park, as well as numerous national forests and designated wilderness areas.

As with other long-distance hiking trails, The John Muir Trail is popular with thru-hikers, who attempt to complete the entire trail in one trip. Most thru-hikers on the John Muir Trail attempt the hike from north to south, because the southern half of the trail is more remote and at higher elevation.

John Muir Trail Section 5: Onion Valley to Whitney Portal

Tag Mount Whitney, the Lower 48's highest peak, during this 42-mile trek into Sequoia National Park where there's more acreage of wilderness than you'll know what to do with.

John Muir Trail Section 4: Edison Lake to Onion Valley

In this 86-mile section, hike through Kings Canyon National Park into a series of JMT favorites.

John Muir Trail Section 3: Devil’s Postpile to Edison Lake

Climb through a rejuvenating burn zone and a cinder cone-strewn hillside at the front end of this 32-mile stretch on the JMT

Pacific Crest Trail: Best Month – High Sierra, CA

Every hiker’s life list should include the 270 miles between Mt. Whitney and Sonora Pass. It may take a month, but it’s a trivial sacrifice to make for the most unrelenting wilderness eye-candy you’ll ever feast on.

Sierras, CA: Sierra High Route

On this burly, 200-plus-mile traverse, which
crosses 33 passes and barely touches
established trails, you can find Alaska-size
scenery, complete solitude, and just
enough risk to keep things interesting.

John Muir Trail: Tuolumne Meadows to Devils Postpile

Score some of the John Muir Trail’s most classic views on this 31-mile section hike in Yosemite National Park that starts less than two hours from Bishop.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: Evolution Valley Loop

Hike cross-country through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks to a pocket of dreamy lakeside camps on the John Muir Trail.

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