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Enjoy the wildlife of Mississippi, search for Morels in Minnesota, view the nesting turtles on Texas' Padre Island, and more.

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Oregon, grabbed this shot from the North Country Trail in Michigan’s UP near Miners Castle. While May can mean dicey weather in Pictured Rocks, a late-spring dayhike through the park can lead you to picturesque icy Miner Falls, Kintigh says. For a chance to be featured here, tag your hiking photo #BPmag on Instagram. Trip ID 614547

Bring a Mesh Bag
Hunt Morels in Whitewater SP, MN

Harvest Minnesota’s rich-flavored state mushroom in Whitewater State Park, just 2.5 hours from the Twin Cities. From late April to mid-May, rainy, warm weather renders the park a mushroom hunter’s paradise. Link the Coyote Point, Dakota, and Meadow Trails into a 1.5-mile loop through morel territory, looking near ravines and in cow pastures. Bring both a mesh sack to hold your treasure (and spread spores) and a GPS to mark your lucky spots (morels often grow in the same place several years in a row). Collect responsibly: Use a stick to gently lift foliage, and cut sponge-topped morels at the base of the stem to preserve root systems. Contact (507) 932-3007;

Hunt Morels Like a Pro “Look beneath an elm tree that’s two or three years dead with shedding bark—but if all bark is missing, it’s too far gone,” says Tom Nauman, founder of the website Morel Mania (

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