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Wilderness Wonders: Tallest Waterfall

Think the Empire State Building is tall? Try this waterfall on for size.
tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, VenezuelaThe 3,000 foot tall Angel Falls, Venezuela (photo by Angel Eco Tours)

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Tallest Waterfall

What Deep in the tropical highlands of Venezuela, a tributary of the Rio Caroni pours over a cliff two and a half times as high as the Empire State Building to form Salto ángel, or Angel Falls, the world’s tallest cascade at 3,000 feet.

Where Canaima National Park, Venezuela. Take a seven-day tour through toucan-packed jungle, million-year-old rock stacks called tepuis, and canyons teeming with smaller cascades to Devil’s Canyon, where you’ll hop in a wooden canoe and paddle the Kerep River to the base of Angel Falls.

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