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Iceland: Live Earth

The planet's most dynamic landscape is full of bubbling hot springs, steaming geysers, and kaleidoscopic lava flows. Hike Iceland's epic Laugevegur Trail, and join the action.

Plan It
How to hike Iceland’s Laugarvegurinn Trail

Getting There
Icelandair has flights from several major airports (Baltimore/Washington, Boston, New York, Minneapolis, and Orlando). Rent a high-clearance 4WD vehicle for roads in the Central Highlands and other parts of the interior.

July is peak hiking season, with temps ranging from freezing to–occasionally–the 70s. Be prepared for wet, cool weather.

Get the Island (Iceland) map of roads and natural features and the Thorsmork Landmannalaugar trekking map from The National Land Survey of Iceland (011 354 430 9000,

Guidebook Lonely Planet: Iceland ($20)

Huts along the Laugarvegurinn Trail are managed by Feroafelag Islands (011 354 568 2533). Reserve bunks in spring for summer dates; the cost is cheaper for Feroafelag Islands members. Camping is permitted outside the huts for a fee; get a permit from the hut wardens at Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork.

Assume that all hot springs are dangerously hot, and step carefully around other thermal features to avoid breaking through fragile crusts.

Don’t Miss
The hot springs at the campground at Landmannalaugar pour into a stream, creating a soothing (and very popular) soak.

Ultima Thule Expeditions, 011 354 567 8978;

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