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Track Caribou in the Salmo-Priest Wilderness

Glimpse these rare mammals in Idaho's Salmo-Priest Wilderness.

Have to work on Monday? No worries: It’s a three-mile cruise back to your car along the Salmo Divide Trail. But if you have the time (and want to boost your caribou-sighting odds), add another 16 miles on a southbound arc across five gentle peaks. From the junction, follow excellent signage to the first, Shedroof Mountain. The path drops 1,000 feet from the summit in just over a mile to another trail junction 2.4 miles from your morning’s start. Go straight, ignoring the Hughes Creek Trail to the left and Gypsy Meadows Trail to the right, and climb a mellow ridge four miles to the northeast slope of Thunder Mountain, where the path skirts its eastern flank. Camp above the trail on the peak’s east side and water up at a nearby spring.

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