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Sandpoint, ID: Pend Oreille Divide Trail

Traverse the ridge connecting Lunch Peak and Mount Pend Oreille to gain prime panoramas of Northeastern Idaho’s rugged Kaniksu National Forest.

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On this 7-mile out-and-back, you’ll catch glimpses of Sandpoint, Lake Pend Oreille, Smith Mountain and Darling Lake while tracing the spine of the soaring Pend Oreille Divide. Follow Trestle Creek Road to the 180-degree turn just under Lunch Peak to get started. Heading north on the Pend Oreille Divide Trail, your surroundings alternate between slope-side scree fields and thinning old growth forest.
Devoid of any major climbs, the terrain rolls between 6,100 and 6,400 feet until you reach Mount Pend Oreille, which looms over the surrounding mountain country at 6,745 feet. From the broad, exposed summit, you’ll gain seemingly endless panoramas of the Cabinet Mountains to the east, and Lake Pend Oreille’s northern tip dipping into the Purcell Trench to the east. Retrace your steps on the Pend Oreille Divide Trail to return to the trailhead.
Note: the last four miles of road en route to the trailhead (Lunch Peak Road 1091) are very rough: using a high-clearance vehicle is recommended. 

-Mapped by Travis Lesicka

To Trailhead

From Sandpoint, follow ID 200 E for 12 miles. Turn left on Trestle Creek Rd. 275 and follow for 12 miles. Turn left on Lunch Peak Rd. 1091 and follow for 4 miles. Trailhead is just below Lunch Peak.

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