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Atlanta, GA: Duncan Ridge (Section 2A)

A classic Appalachian ridge hike, this 11-mile shuttle tackles numerous knobs and summits under heavy canopy with occasional Blue Ridge views.

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Trekking west to east, this 11-mile shuttle wanders the first half of the Duncan Ridge Trail Section 2 (and part of Section 3 of the Benton MacKaye Trail). After stashing a vehicle at Mulky Gap (the east end of the hike), drive west to a Benton MacKaye Trail access point on GA 60 and begin hiking, following the white diamond blazes.
The climbing kicks up in a hurry on the route up Wallalah Mountain. This is a classic Appalachian ridge trek with numerous short summit approaches of peaks and knobs and very few respites from steep climbing or descending. The trail is very well-marked and well-maintained throughout (and scattered with some campsites). In season, you’ll likely be hiking under a heavy tunnel of tree canopy (a deciduous mix of oaks and hardwoods). When the trees do part at the occasional overlook points, they reveal far-reaching views of Chattahoochee National Forest and the Blue Ridge peaks of north Georgia.
-Mapped by Scott Sanders,
TO TRAILHEAD: Start: Take I 85 N to US 19/GA 400 N. Go 46.8 miles and turn left on US 19/GA 249. In 5.1 miles turn right on US .19/GA 60. 8 miles later, turn left to stay on GA 60. Continue 21.9 miles to trailhead (on right).
End: After turning left on GA 60, go 14.9 miles and turn right on Cooper Creek Rd. (at the Cooper Creek Convenience Store). Go 4.2 miles and turn left on Old Mulky Gap Rd. In 3.4 miles you’ll synch up with Mulky Gap Rd. and the trailhead is just a few hundred feet ahead.

To Trailhead

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