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Hartford, CT: Mohawk Trail

Traversing 5.4 miles up and around Coltsfoot Mountain in western Connecticut, this shuttle hike ambles through shaded forest past bubbling brooks and wildflower stashes.

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After stashing a car near the eastern end of the trail, shuttle a few miles west and walk up the ominously-named Dark Entry Road for 0.6 mile where the Coltsfoot Mountain section of the Mohawk Trail disappears into the woods. The trail continues to climb at a moderate pace as it runs across, and then alongside, a small forest stream.

Leaving this cascading brook behind, the hike continues toward an overlook on Coltsfoot that peers east to Mohawk Mountain. Continue north from the overlook passing oddly-shaped boulders (perfect picnic spots) and scattered wildflower stashes. The trail descends Coltsfoot on a short stretch of steep, rocky terrain before leveling out for 0.6 mile before joining the road. With plenty of chipmunks and birds for company along the way, this trip is a Connecticut classic.

Note: This trail may be closed October 22nd through November 5th.

-Mapped by Genny Fullerton

TO TRAILHEAD: Western Trail Parking in Cornwall Bridge, CT: Travel east on Route 4 from the intersection of Route 4 and Route 7. The parking area will be on the right side of the road within a couple hundred feet.

Eastern Trail Parking in Cornwall, CT: From the intersection of Route 4 and Route 7, travel east roughly 3 miles. Turn right onto Jewell Street and immediately bear right. Jewell Street turns right and becomes Valley Road. Bear left onto Essex Hill Road.  Park at Cathedral Pines on the left.

To Trailhead

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