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Grand Junction, CO: The Ribbon

A favorite of hikers and mountain bikers alike, this 7.2-mile out-and-back rolls through a creek wash and climbs an expansive slickrock ribbon overlooking the Grand Valley.

Trip Tools

From the trailhead parking area, turn right on Little Park Road and descend .2 mile to an unmarked trail entrance on the left. The first stretch of trail is highly technical for mountain bikers and slow-going for hikers as it swerves around exposed cliffs and down steep boulder drop-offs. At the bottom of this descent, the trail turns left to wander alongside (and through) a creek wash on its way to a slickrock climb through pinon and juniper trees. After a short hike-a-bike section, the trail dumps out onto The Ribbon, a 1.5-mile slickrock ascent that offers expansive views of the Grand Valley and the Book Cliffs for hikers, and (on the return trip) a once-in-a-lifetime bomber descent for mountain bikers. Mapped by the Backpacker Map Team

To Trailhead

From 1st St. and Grand Ave. in Grand Junction, head west on Grand Ave. In .2 mile, turn left onto Monument Rd. In .2 mile, turn left onto D Rd. In .3 mile, turn right onto Rosevale Rd. In .9 mile, and turn right onto Little Park Rd. Go 3.1 miles to trailhead parking on the left.

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