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September 2003

Secrets of Yosemite National Park

Sneak in the side door for a private viewing of the finest in California's High Sierra real estate.

Expedition Planner Yosemite National Park, CA


The hikes described here are accessed by CA 41 (Southeast Yosemite), CA 120 (Lake Vernon), and US 395 (Kerrick-Matterhorn). Check in advance about road conditions.


Camping within the national park requires a permit. For all areas, a percentage of backcountry permits are offered through advance reservations, which are recommended to guarantee your itinerary.


Campers should use bear canisters for food storage; bears routinely get food that’s properly bear-bagged. Rent canisters for $5 per trip or purchase them at locations in the park. Never store food in your vehicle (this includes your trunk); bears will break in if they smell food. Season Creek crossings can be dangerous or impossible in early summer. The Southeast Yosemite and Kerrick-Matterhorn loops maynot be snow-free until July; the Lake Vernon-Tiltill Valley loop may be passable by June.


Yosemite National Park, by Jeffrey Schaffer ($19). Trails Illustrated #206 map ($10).


Yosemite National Park, (209) 372-0740; Sierra National Forest, (559) 297-0706; USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region, (707) 562-8737;

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