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Readers’ Choice Awards 2009

Discover the best hike in every state, as voted by BACKPACKER readers. Plus: your essential gear, most desirable tentmate, worst-ever adventure movie, and our picks for the best reader-submitted photos.

What’s your dream trail? The worst adventure movie of all time? Would you cut the rope? See how  BACKPACKER readers weighed in on, well, just about everything. 

You’d rather have more …
Time to hike 61%
Stamina 20%
Hiking companions 16%
Gear 3%

You must leave one of the following items behind. Which do you drop?
Stove 37%
Tent 20%
Compass/GPS 15%
Rainshell 14%
Knife 11%
Sleeping bag 3%

The international trek you most want to hike is …
#1) Milford Track, New Zealand
#2) Inca Trail, Peru
#3) Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

The worst adventure movie of all time is …
(Vertical Limit, despite–or because of?–an Ed Viesturs cameo, is a distant second with 18% of the votes.)

Your favorite U.S. mountain is …
Rainier (with 200 more votes than McKinley!). Read "Thunder on the Mountain" for an exclusive story on how climate change is transforming this iconic peak–and making it more dangerous. 

You want to go ultralight and you’re within 6 ounces of getting your load under 15 pounds. Which tradeoff do you make?
None, thanks. I’m cool with 16 pounds: 40%
Swap full-length pad for 3/4-length: 27%
No desserts: 19%
Tent for tarp: 7%
Canister stove for alcohol stove: 4%
No long john bottoms: 3%

Under Your Hiking Shorts
11% Commando
Briefs 46%
Boxers 40%
Thong 3%

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