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We've collected the best hikes, most amazing photos, and mind-blowing videos for the ultimate National Park planning center. Get inspired and get hiking now!
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Mt. Cammerer, Great Smoky Mountains, TN

North Palisade, Kings Canyon, CA

Half Dome, Yosemite, CA

Tanner Trail to Inner Gorge, Grand Canyon, AZ

Mummy Range, Rocky Mountain, CO

Adventure Guides: Life-list Routes and Maps
Hike to surprising solitude on a lost trail to Yosemite’s North Rim.

The canyon’s best view isn’t from the rim. Trek to Royal Arch to see for yourself.

Follow this circuit linking the park’s many historic homesteads.

Set off on a long-forgotten loop across the Continental Divide, through moose-infested meadows, and up Longs Peak.

Disappear into Yellowstone’s northern fringe, where you’ll find a rejuvenated landscape and total solitude.

Paddle gentle swells through seacaves, then hike across this reborn island paradise.

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