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Los Angeles: San Gorgonio Mountain

Want to get higher than a Hollywood star? Shoot up 5,400 feet and scrape the sky on SoCal’s tallest peak on this 13.2-miler in San Gorgonio Wilderness.

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When SoCal hikers want to get high, many head for Gorgonio, which ranks among the ten most prominent peaks in the contiguous United States. This giant, multi-ecozone peak soars from relative lowlands to 11,501 feet. Bagging its bald summit requires a lots of elevation gain, so look to stretch your time out on top. It’s all open sky from this cloud-piercing lookout, which hovers nearly 10,000 feet above the deserts of Joshua Tree National Park to the west. If you’ve ever longed to be Zeus for a day, looming high above mere mortals, this is your throne. Free wilderness permit required, plus a $5 Adventure Pass.


To Trailhead

I-10 E to CA 38 E. In 15 1mi., turn R onto Valley of the Falls Dr. through Forest Falls, CA. Turn L onto Falls Campground Rd. and follow until road ends @ parking lot.

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